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Tea Parties Targeted by Obama

Posted by madjillmom on May 16, 2013

Is it any wonder that some mysterious people in the IRS took action to stop Tea Party groups? Obama spent a good deal of his first year railing against “teabaggers” and those people waving tea bags around. He made it clear that they were a not welcome voice of limited government and too high taxes.  Dems all throughout government told us that the Tea Party people are racists. Some of those same Democrats that lied about the Tea Party probably asked the IRS to investigate them. Now those same Dems are telling us how awful this action by the IRS was.

Remember when the Palin PAC put targets on a map and the media blamed her for the Gabby Giffords shooting rampage? President Obama put a target on the Tea Party and conservative groups and he is now so surprised that the IRS mysteriously developed memos targeting these conservative groups. If Palin caused the Giffords shooting, then Pres. Obama caused the “rogue” IRS employees to shoot down conservative groups.


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