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More Lies from the Obama Administration

Posted by madjillmom on May 20, 2013

Dan Pfeiffer came on all the Sunday morning shows. To him, the law is irrelevant, the whereabouts of Pres. Obama during the 9/11 Benghazi attacks is really irrelevant, and the Republicans are all at fault. Credibility of the talking heads around Obama is way down, so we need to send out someone new. Pfeiffer wasn’t able to tell the truth, just like Susan Rice eight months ago.

Pfeiffer jumped on the claim that some nefarious Republican¬†altered the memos the White House put out last week. The claim is that these memos were “put out” months ago and no one saw anything bad in them. These selected memos were not put out till last week. Staffers, Senators, and Congressmen were allowed to see the memos, but not have copies, several months ago. The access was very limited so some staffer or Congressman was only able to remember the memo. The alteration was minor, and the spirit of the original memo was preserved. If the White House actually made the memo available, this would not have happened.

The White House like to tell us that 25,000 pages have been put out. The MSM press should have been screaming bloody murder that the pages were not put out, but once again only made available for certain people, for a short period of time.

During one of these limited access times, someone said that Hillary Clinton signed one of the requests for extra security from Benghazi. Quickly they told us that it was not an actual signature and did not mean that she knew about the requests. Yet, the memo was not released, because it will make Hillary look bad.

Don’t just put out the 100 emails you think make you look good, put out the 25,000 you claim you have put out.


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