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Illegal Immigrants and Welfare Abuse

Posted by madjillmom on May 31, 2013

Yesterday, Fox News ran a piece on food stamps in Florida. It featured a 50-year-old woman, mother of 5, who came to this country by swimming across the Rio Grande. She has received some kind of assistance for all those 20 years, including some kind of Social Security payment. Why does she receive anything? How will she apply for amnesty is she has spent 20 years on the government dole? I suspect the government will look the other way when she signs up for citizenship.

This is the major problem with immigration reform. I do want something to be done, yet I get real mad when I hear about this type of abuse of the system. Sen. Rubio needs to look in his backyard to see why we don’t need more illegal immigrants gaming the system. If you have spent a great deal of your time here on the government dole, you shouldn’t get the benefits of immigration reform.

This is on top of two other stories in the press regarding Massachusetts giving benefits for dead people in the 2 million dollar range and New Jersey giving prisoners an astonishing amount of benefits they weren’t eligible for.


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