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Syria, Obama and the Simple-Minded Folks

Posted by madjillmom on June 18, 2013

After some press of Col. Khadafi killing some of his people came to our TVs, Obama jumped into what he thought would be a war of a few weeks. Then it took much longer. Case closed (until 9/11 last year and the assassination of the American Ambassador). The argument was we had to fix this because innocents were dying.

Then comes Syria. Lots of innocents dying. Now somewhere around 95,000. But we didn’t do the same thing. Now, Obama tells us he knows so much that we don’t so we can’t really understand it. Why don’t you teach us, O Wise Professor? We get that it is complicated.

Here is how it went down:

Assad “the Reformer” (according to Hillary) starts killing his own people, but we just got out from under that Libya intervention and Obama has a campaign to be re-elected, so lets not do anything. We’ll  just watch. And while Obama is running for re-election, the world re-labels this a “civil war”. Another really good reason to do nothing. Obama, in order to look really bad-ass tells us all that chemical weapons is a game changer. Fiddles around even after re-election and tells us the game changer is not in what he will do, but rather in his “calculus”. I guess nobody told him there would be math. Predictions all throughout of Assad’s last days, or only weeks away from losing. So now, Obama has not been consistent, has re-labeled, has dared Assad to cross a red line and then ignored it when he did, and has waited so long to do so little that it is now a proxy war with Russia and Iran. Yes, it is really complicated now. Not near as complicated when it began, but Obama was running for re-election, so we all had to wait.

Meanwhile, we may have 4500 troops on the Syria border. Yes, it is all really complicated. Obama has dodged and weaved, placated and ignored the situation into a real mess. No good options. But don’t tell us it is just to complicated for our simple-minded selves. The Administration tells us they have a NEW POLICY of providing small arms, and then Obama denies that it is a NEW POLICY.

Shouldn’t the Civil War be re-labeled since Russia, Hezbollah, and Iran are fighting the Rebels (with strong links to Al Qaeda)  that we sorta support and sorta arm. Way to go with that really smart diplomacy and that keen mind, President Nobel Peace Prize.


One Response to “Syria, Obama and the Simple-Minded Folks”

  1. OGRE said

    Remember; Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize based on what he is going to do not what he has done.

    This whole thing is a joke. Obama has managed to do what the world hasn’t for more than 200 years. Weaken the US to the point of insignificance. Obama could be the most effective James Bond villain ever.

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