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Obamacare and the 2014 Election Cycle

Posted by madjillmom on July 3, 2013

Yesterday, the Obama administration delayed a key provision of Obamacare because they know it will hurt them in the midterm elections. They decided to delay until 2015 the provision that business provide insurance or pay a fine if the company has over 50 full-time employees. This provision will and has resulted in people being downgraded to part-time employees as well as people not being hired to stay below the 50 employee level.

This is happening on top of lots of delays and failures of key parts of Obamacare. The exchanges are looking doubtful and may not be ready in time this year. The long-term care provisions have been abandoned. In all ways, Obamacare has proved to be a bungled and burdensome bill with the administration coming in late or poorly done.

So, the Dems, seeing the handwriting on the wall, have decided to postpone another portion of the bill to better help them during the 2014 midterms.  The MSM is also now calling Obamacare the Affordable Care Act to de-link it from Obama. Remember when Obama said he was proud to call it Obamacare because Obama does care. Not anymore.

I predict that the requirement for the uninsured to buy very expensive health insurance starting next year will be delayed for the same reason – Dems and the mid-term election.


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