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Obama Threads the Syrian Needle

Posted by madjillmom on August 31, 2013

Obama announced that he will ask for a congressional vote to punish Assad with a limited attack for gassing his people a second time. So he will use congress this time to get him out of it. He probably won’t win consent to bomb Syria. He certainly won’t win consent before traveling to Russia and facing that bored student Putin this coming week. So he will look strong, but won’t actually have to do anything. He hasn’t gotten any real coalition to speak of. He hasn’t gotten popular support. He is scared of Putin. He is going to tell us later that he just can’t go around congress on this issue even though he has gone around congress on appointments, EPA restrictions, immigration reform, ObamaCare, Gun Control, and the Defense of Marriage Act. Remember, he is King when he wants to be.

All that show of indignation and concern over Assad and chemical weapons, all that chest thumping and Pres. Kerry oratory, all that “we will go it alone if we have to” was all for nothing. Obama doesn’t have the balls. Assad wins.


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Obama and Syrian Gas Attack

Posted by madjillmom on August 29, 2013

Obama is loudly pounding his chest and saber-rattling over the second gas attack attributed to Bashar Assad in Syria. Film and photos make it impossible to ignore like the last time Assad did this a few months back. So for more than a week, the noise will echo in the news and press rooms. Obama now looks weak. He has to do something, but China, Iran, and Russia tell him not to. Obama talks about a coalition and the UN. But he looks too weak. He will have to do something.  Look for more saber-rattling for a while. A few phone calls will be made 24 hrs prior to a strategic strike. Damage will be done to some installation, but there won’t be any or many bodies since the Administration will leak the attack. Obama may even make a prime-time appearance to announce the attack. With a great deal of luck, Assad won’t line up sheet wrapped bodies, Russia’s Putin (the bored student) will hopefully not do anything but play with the Reset Button, China won’t do anything but squawk, and maybe Obama doesn’t look like an idiot. Or maybe Iran and Syria nuke Israel. What a mess. Can’t blame it on Bush. Obama drew the red line, not Bush.

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Strike by Fast Food Workers

Posted by madjillmom on August 29, 2013

Dear Fast Food Worker:

Yeah, go ahead and strike. After all, you are a professional. This job flipping burgers and schlepping shakes is your dream job. It is what you went through 12 years of school for. Oh, I’m so sorry. You didn’t graduate from High School. But somehow, you knew it was what you wanted to be. A fast food worker.  A worker, not a supervisor or an assistant supervisor. Not a shift manager, and not a cashier, because you aren’t really good with money. But you are great with french fries after a three-month training period. Heaven knows how hard you work. That is why my order is always correct and fast.

Go ahead. Strike. There will be lots of 16 years olds who might like your job. And remember, if this silly ploy works, a lot of the increase in pay will go to the union you will end up joining. And if your job is in a poorer neighborhood and is close to your house, don’t look for that place to stay open. You are gonna have to take a bus or two now because the poor folks who live near you won’t be able to afford the hamburgers you flip, so the franchise will close. But that is ok. You are a professional burger flipper with a couple of kids and it is only right that you be paid $15 hour. Not everyone can fix a Big Mac. It takes a lot of book learnin’ to squirt that special sauce, you know. Prove to the world why you are now worth $15 an hour. After you take the cigarette break and call your parole officer.

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The Content of Their Character

Posted by madjillmom on August 29, 2013

Fifty years ago, on the Washington Mall, Rev. Martin Luther King told the Nation of his dream that people would one day be judged on the content of their character rather than their skin color. So let’s do that.

The Killers of Chris Lane in Duncan, OK – 3 young men thrill kill or racially profile a young man with promise and kill him. Cowards and monsters rolled into one gangsta hip hop culture.

The Killers of Shorty Belton in Spokane, WA – 2 young men kill a WW2 veteran wounded in Okinawa. Lovers of gangsta rap and violence. Incensed because the old veteran tried to fight back.

Another young black man kills a toddler in his stroller. Wanted money from the mother.

Three thugs on a school bus beat a kid and get probation today.

Al Sharpton – promotes victimization and knowingly promoted libel against a man by promoting Tawana Brawley hoax.

Jesse Jackson – smeared Martin Luther King’s blood on his clothes after the horrible murder of MLK. Used this springboard to promote black victimization and extort companies and corporations with harassment and blackmail. Fathered a love child as a Reverend and is a serial adulterer.

Jesse Jackson, Jr. – was handed a congressional seat on a silver platter and then pocketed the platter by spending campaign funds on extravagant purchases along with his wife. Now serving time.

Let’s judge these people on the content of their character. Let’s lift up all those whose character is good and condemn those whose character is bad, all races, all peoples. Let MLK’s dream come true.




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When Obama Sends Signals — What Happens?

Posted by madjillmom on August 26, 2013

Obama spoke on two occasions about Trayvon Martin, telling us he could be his son and telling us that Trayvon Martin was him. Is this a signal to the young, black men of America to act out to get revenge for Trayvon? There have been several hate crimes aimed at white people since the Zimmerman verdict. Did the thugs in OK who killed the Australian college student and the thugs in Spokane who killed the WW2 Veteran get the signal from Obama that Trayvon was killed because he was black?

Obama blames the Coptic Christian for making an You-Tube video that offends Mohammed and Islam, and then he vowes to punish the filmmaker. The Muslim Brotherhood burns Coptic Christian churches and kills Christians in Egypt.

Obama draws a red line warning Syria’s Assad that chemical weapons will not be tolerated. Assad uses chemical weapons and Obama does nothing. So Assad uses them again last week. Did many die because Obama’s speech about a game changer resulted in no action when it happened the first time?

When Obama inserted himself in the infamous arrest of his college professor, Henry Louis Gates, he tells us the policeman “acted stupidly”? What happened then? I felt that I was not important to Pres. Obama. This feeling has been reinforced many more times. Does Obama care about white people?

Obama wanted the world and the country to think his intervention in Libya was a success. Further he wanted us to believe that Al Qaeda is on the decline, on the run. So what happened? Benghazi.

Obama and Hillary send a signal to Russia that they want a reset. What happens? Obama pulls missile defense from Poland, offends our ally, and things are certainly “reset”. Unfortunately, they are now resent in favor of Vlad Putin and a resurgent Russia. Now Russia knows that Obama is a paper tiger. Russia now props up Syria’s Assad, jails punk rock groups, and harasses gay people. That reset was a great signal.


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Katy Perry and ObamaCare

Posted by madjillmom on August 26, 2013

Katy Perry tells young people to sign up for ObamaCare. Pres. Obama is so grateful, he tweets his thanks to her.

Please consider, youth of the Nation, do you want to take advice from a beautiful and talented woman who thought it was a good idea to marry Russell Brand?

Plus, you might want to know that when you sign up for Obamacare, your disposable income will go way down. No more Katy Perry concerts for you. Bummer.

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Truths that are Always and Forever…

Posted by madjillmom on August 26, 2013

Other than death and taxes, there are few truths that will withstand time moving forward. Here are some truths for today:

Miley Cyrus is a modest, God-fearing, virgin who conducts herself as a role model.

Pres. Obama knows exactly what to do about Syria.

ObamaCare will work really well and it will cost less.

Know one will ever know just why Major Nidal Hassan killed all those people at Ft. Hood. It is a mystery that the trial just didn’t bring out. 

Benghazi was brought about by an offensive video.

Welfare works to bring people out of poverty.

A gun killed that Australian college student in Duncan, OK. Guns are evil. Race and culture had nothing to do with it.

I will sleep better tonight knowing that there are some things we can really count on. Ultimate truths still exist.



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Did Obama signal the Killing of Coptic Christians is OK?

Posted by madjillmom on August 23, 2013

About this time last year, a Coptic Christian put a video on YouTube. On September 11th, demonstrations broke out in Egypt and our Ambassador was killing in Benghazi along with 3 other brave Americans. Hillary and Obama blamed the video put out by the Coptic Christian. They blamed everything on the video. Vowed to bring the Coptic Christian to justice. They put the Coptic Christian in jail. After all, it was all his fault according to Obama and Hillary. They even made a $70,000 commercial to run in Pakistan blaming it on the video maker who blasphemed Allah (a very thin-skinned deity).

Now after a year, with chaos all around, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is killing and burning Coptic Christian churches all over Egypt. Obama doesn’t know what to do and most everything he has done has only made the situation worse.

When Hillary and Obama blamed the Coptic Christian for the killing of the Ambassador and the demonstrations in Egypt, did he send a signal to the radical Islamists in the Middle East that it is OK to kill Christians and burn Coptic Christian churches?  Yes, he did. A holocaust is brewing in Egypt, like Rwanda, like Hitler, and Obama does nothing.

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Two Senseless Killings

Posted by madjillmom on August 23, 2013

Young and dangerous men kill two people in the last week or so. Three gang members or gang wanna-bees kill an Australian college student in a small town in OK. I have been to Duncan, OK. It is a pleasant little town with a good base of industry and a lovely downtown with some great places to antique shop. It is small town America. My son lives nearby in Lawton, OK. He has told us about the gangs and no go areas in Lawton. OK. Another town that shouldn’t have gangs. My sister, on the eastern side of the state has spoken about gangs in her really rural area.

Two black thugs beat to death an Army veteran who fought in Okinawa and was wounded. He was 89 years old. One of the killers has been caught. This all happened in Spokane, another beautiful town. I don’t know if the killers are part of a gang or not. I do know they didn’t use a gun, they beat the man to death.

An employee of Homeland Security runs a web-site that tells blacks to prepare for the coming race war. He advocates the killing of lots of white people.

Meanwhile, Obama pretends to be riding on a bus advocating the federal government get more involved in making college more affordable. He had to do something after his chic vacay at Martha’s Vineyard.


  • The three killers in OK evidently lived in apartments subsidized by the ever growing welfare state.
  • One of the OK killers tweeted about hating white people and hurting white people after the Trayvon Martin verdict.
  • Cell phone pics and posts on social networking show one of the killers posing with a gun and there were shots of piles of money. How does a kid living in the projects/subsidized housing get access to piles of money?
  • Jesse Jackson scolded the young men and told them this kind of thing is “frowned upon”. Killing is “frowned upon”? He later came out and condemned the killing.
  • Do any of these 5 young men have intact families?
  • The Dems are blaming it on the gun again. We have had access to guns for hundreds of years, but senseless killings like this are a recent phenomenon. How can they blame it on guns?
  • The Dems rarely or never ask about the other stuff at play. Broken families, glorification of violence by video games and music, welfare state empowering of all this stuff, and the lack of moral fiber in these young men.
  • The Dems are blaming this on lack of school funding. I can pretty much tell you that Duncan Schools are funded pretty well. It is the home of Halliburton. Why is it the school’s responsibility to make these horrible young men upstanding community members? Schools are there to babysit and occasionally  teach something to these monsters.
  • Should we prepare for the upcoming race war?
  • If the problem is guns, what about the killing in Spokane?
  • Will Obama speak out about either of these horrible killings? Or maybe he can speak out about all the black on black crime that hurts our Nation all day, every day. He has the ability but apparently not the backbone to do so.

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Emmett Till = Missouri Rodeo Clown

Posted by madjillmom on August 16, 2013

Racial Incidents

All Equal?

Emmett Till – a 14-year-old negro boy brutally murdered for supposedly flirting with a white woman. Killed by southern bigots. A horrific crime based in racism.

Equals …

Trayvon Martin – a seventeen-year-old black youth killed in an altercation with George Zimmerman and equated to Emmett Till by those who should know better

Equals …

Pres. Obama is followed around in stores as he is thought to be a possible thief, a racist act perpetrated on an innocent black man.

Equals …

Oprah is denied the “right” to buy or even see a purse in Switzerland that costs half our household salary. Oprah knows this is racism because she has had this happen in France with a Hermes scarf. How tragic. When will this

Equals …

A Rodeo clown in Missouri dons an Obama mask and calls Our Dear Leader a clown. OMG, how awful. Who does he think he is, a clown, a citizen of a nation with free speech, Bill Maher, or David Lettermann.  The emperor is naked and no one wants to admit it. Fire and ban the clown. Obama can’t take such racist jabs.


When everything is racism, nothing is reasonable.

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