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Did Obama signal the Killing of Coptic Christians is OK?

Posted by madjillmom on August 23, 2013

About this time last year, a Coptic Christian put a video on YouTube. On September 11th, demonstrations broke out in Egypt and our Ambassador was killing in Benghazi along with 3 other brave Americans. Hillary and Obama blamed the video put out by the Coptic Christian. They blamed everything on the video. Vowed to bring the Coptic Christian to justice. They put the Coptic Christian in jail. After all, it was all his fault according to Obama and Hillary. They even made a $70,000 commercial to run in Pakistan blaming it on the video maker who blasphemed Allah (a very thin-skinned deity).

Now after a year, with chaos all around, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is killing and burning Coptic Christian churches all over Egypt. Obama doesn’t know what to do and most everything he has done has only made the situation worse.

When Hillary and Obama blamed the Coptic Christian for the killing of the Ambassador and the demonstrations in Egypt, did he send a signal to the radical Islamists in the Middle East that it is OK to kill Christians and burn Coptic Christian churches?  Yes, he did. A holocaust is brewing in Egypt, like Rwanda, like Hitler, and Obama does nothing.


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