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I Want to be the IRS Fall Woman

Posted by madjillmom on September 25, 2013

Dear IRS Commissioner:

I will gladly be the fall woman for the IRS Tea Party Targeting Scandal if you will pay me Lois Lerner’s salary.

Best Regards,


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Obama is Not Very Good with Math Part 2

Posted by madjillmom on September 25, 2013

Raising the credit limit does not raise the debt says Pres. Obama. The only way it doesn’t result in more debt is to keep it at the current limit. When you give them more credit, they use it.

And how about this little item. Obamacare slush fund can’t account for $67 million spent by the IRS? Has someone checked Lois Lerner’s overseas account?

Check out the story here.


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Where Do Thugs Get Ammo?

Posted by madjillmom on September 25, 2013

Where to gang members and mass shooters get their ammo? I still can’t get any. Most of the guns we possess would really like to go out and gun down a bunch of helpless people. But I just can’t let them because I can find or afford the bullets!

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Dear Republican Senator Crankypants:

Posted by madjillmom on September 25, 2013

Dear Senator Old Fussy Guy:

I supported your presidential bid. I faithfully voted for you. I would have much preferred that you, Pres. Old Fussy Guy, be in charge for the last 5 years. Last Nov I enthusiastically support that wonderful man, Gov. I’m Too Rich and Mormen, and hoped that he would send Obama to his golf course home in Hawaii. But pretty soon, I won’t be able to support you old Republicans who want to go along to get along. I won’t be able to support you because you think that the Tea Party is a threat to you. The Tea Party is more conservative than you are. Get over it. Find common ground. The Tea Party wants smaller government. Why don’t you get that? Go in their direction. Quit surrendering before the fight is even joined. Why can’t you support the new, bolder Republicans? Why must you call them names?  Do not aid and abet the Dems!!! You are so used to rolling over to get your belly patted by the MSM or Harry Reid or something, you can’t seem to even stand by and watch others fight the good fight without sniping and undercutting your own party members. Sen Wonderful White Hair, couldn’t you even support your fellow Texan?

Everyday you give me more reason to think the only way to go is to a third-party. Understand that I am a conservative, I want smaller government, and I support the “go hard or go home” take the fight to the floor mentality of Senators Wackobirds. I will side with the Wackobirds because we cannot continue in this constant leftward lurch and debt ceiling increases. The far right must tug the country toward the right. We don’t have much time left. Praise and support the Wackobirds. There is room for all in the tent. Continue carping and name calling and I will go with the Wackobirds.

Our future is at stake.

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Nancy’s Cupboard is Not Bare

Posted by madjillmom on September 25, 2013

Nancy Pelosi is telling us there are no more places to cut the federal government. Not so, Nancy. Here are four examples:

  • Giving Sen. Frank Lautenburg’s multi-millionaire widow a grief payment of one year of a Senator’s pay or $178,000 or close to that.
  • The Park Service spending money on a video showing young Muslim girls talking about how great Islam is for women and that it isn’t oppressive. Aren’t they supposed to have videos on bears and geysers and stuff like that?
  • Some government study to figure out why cupcake stores sprang up everywhere. By the time they figure it out, the fad will pass. The answer is fad and fun food. Study not needed.
  • My son in Afghanistan has been cut from three hot meals a day to one and two MREs. Surely he can do without that last hot meal, Nancy.


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Obama is Not Good with Math

Posted by madjillmom on September 24, 2013

In the run-up to the evil Republicans shutting down our government and making us a deadbeat nation, we must remember that Obama isn’t real good with math (or history for that matter). (What was he doing when he was in school? Oh, yeah, smoking dope and something we can’t see because he won’t release his college records.)

Here is some of the evidence:

  • Obama was railing a few weeks back about the billions of dollars used to run ads and create disinformation against his greatest boondoggle accomplishment, Obamacare. According to the WSJ this past weekend, only 500 million has been used on both sides of the Obamacare debate. Now, 500 million is a lot of money, but it isn’t 2 billion. It will be over 1 billion by the 2014 election, once again, both sides spending money, but that still isn’t 2 billion. Another straw man knocked down.  Obama Math – 500 million = 2 billion
  • Obamacare was supposed to cost less than a trillion dollars. These amount were made up at the time they passed Obamacare so the Dems could claim it wouldn’t increase the deficit. No we hear that the cost has doubled and the amount of uninsured people who will be covered has been cut in half.  (Typical government program.) Obama Math – Twice the cost and half the benefit is a great thing.

Other Dems aren’t so good at math either. Nancy Pelosi tells us there are no more cuts to make. She tells us the cupboard is bare! So we just can’t make anymore cuts. Obama/Pelosi Math – Government bloat is a permanent thing.


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Posted by madjillmom on September 16, 2013

Watched the latest press conference on the Naval Yard shooter. FBI lady told us to go to to see shooter. Went there and can’t see pics of that shooter. I can see pics of Boston Bombers, articles on ’63 Birmingham Church Bombing, and some more stuff on recent serial killer guys. If you tell us to go to, make sure the pics are front and center, easy to find.

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Pivoting to the Economy Again

Posted by madjillmom on September 16, 2013

Oh, too bad, so sad. Pres. Obama was going out to give another speech to pivot from the embarrassing Syria issue to the embarrassing and anemic economic recovery, once again. But sadly, he is delayed due to the Naval Yard shootings. The White House has taken pains to tell us that Obama is being kept abreast of the attack that will probably be deemed workplace violence no matter what it really is. How sad to be abruptly halted in his newest “pivot” to the economy. Stopping mid-pivot could wreak havoc on his back. Remember how many times we have been told it is his number 1 focus.

Update:  Obama has come out to talk about employment and has reassured us that he has been briefed on the Naval Yard “incident”. He was not playing golf or cards (Bin Laden takedown) or basketball during this crisis. Neither was he sleeping or preparing for a campaign trip to Vegas. He is on top of this.  Now he is reminding us of his “it could have been worse” saving of the economy.

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DHS to Say “No Terrorist” Indications at Naval Yard Shootings

Posted by madjillmom on September 16, 2013

Quick. Someone find Janet Napolitano’s replacement. Whoever they are is supposed to come out about 15 minutes ago and tell us there is no indication that this is a terrorist attack.  DHS is supposed to do this in absence of any actual facts from the ground. Never mind we don’t know who the shooter/shooters are or the motive behind the shooting, someone from DHS will characterize it as other than terror.

AP reporting at least 6 dead. Nothing to see here. Obviously another “workplace violence” situation. Never mind where it happened and never mind there might be more than one shooter.

Update: Janet Napolitano’s legacy is safe. There is report that DHS has issued a report already that there is no known “connection to terrorism”.  Now I feel so much safer. No info available yet, but DHS know this isn’t a terrorist attack. Never mind there might be three shooters.

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Shock and Awe vs. Unbelievably Small

Posted by madjillmom on September 9, 2013

Ten days ago Sec. of State Kerry gave an impassioned speech imploring us to punish Assad for using gas against his own people, killing children and civilians in a horrible death. A strike was iminent. Flash forward to yesterday. Now Sec. Kerry tells us this punishment that must be meted out will be “unbelievably small“.

Kinda like Obama’s backbone. Don’t make threats that you won’t back up, Obama.  Don’t send your people out to talk big and then slink off to the golf course. Don’t draw the red line and then deny you drew it. You look like a ball-less fool. Either this is important, a moral imperative, or we can wait until congress votes, and then ignore the vote because you look so weak and you have made America look weak. Adopt “America, the Moral Superpower” or don’t!

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