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Obama Makes the Case for Going into Iraq

Posted by madjillmom on September 4, 2013

At the joint new conference in Sweden this morning, Obama made the case for going into Iraq. He was talking about a UN resolution and how impotent they can be against despots. He said if the despots ignore the resolutions, it sends a sign to other rogue states and despots. A line must be drawn. Isn’t it the case that Saddam Hussein ignored 16 or 17 UN resolutions.

Aside from all of Obama’s long-winded answers, he cannot now deny the impotence of UN resolutions, and he now knows that Sweden condemns the gas attack but does want a UN resolution. So much for allies in this possible action. The DNC head, Debbie Wassermann-Schultz has told us we have lots of allies, she just can’t tell us who they are!  This is so funny. But remember, children have died.

Obama also told us he didn’t draw a red line, the world did. Then let’s all sit back and wait for the world to do something about it.



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