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Pivoting to the Economy Again

Posted by madjillmom on September 16, 2013

Oh, too bad, so sad. Pres. Obama was going out to give another speech to pivot from the embarrassing Syria issue to the embarrassing and anemic economic recovery, once again. But sadly, he is delayed due to the Naval Yard shootings. The White House has taken pains to tell us that Obama is being kept abreast of the attack that will probably be deemed workplace violence no matter what it really is. How sad to be abruptly halted in his newest “pivot” to the economy. Stopping mid-pivot could wreak havoc on his back. Remember how many times we have been told it is his number 1 focus.

Update:  Obama has come out to talk about employment and has reassured us that he has been briefed on the Naval Yard “incident”. He was not playing golf or cards (Bin Laden takedown) or basketball during this crisis. Neither was he sleeping or preparing for a campaign trip to Vegas. He is on top of this.  Now he is reminding us of his “it could have been worse” saving of the economy.


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