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Screaming on the Inside

Dear Republican Senator Crankypants:

Posted by madjillmom on September 25, 2013

Dear Senator Old Fussy Guy:

I supported your presidential bid. I faithfully voted for you. I would have much preferred that you, Pres. Old Fussy Guy, be in charge for the last 5 years. Last Nov I enthusiastically support that wonderful man, Gov. I’m Too Rich and Mormen, and hoped that he would send Obama to his golf course home in Hawaii. But pretty soon, I won’t be able to support you old Republicans who want to go along to get along. I won’t be able to support you because you think that the Tea Party is a threat to you. The Tea Party is more conservative than you are. Get over it. Find common ground. The Tea Party wants smaller government. Why don’t you get that? Go in their direction. Quit surrendering before the fight is even joined. Why can’t you support the new, bolder Republicans? Why must you call them names?  Do not aid and abet the Dems!!! You are so used to rolling over to get your belly patted by the MSM or Harry Reid or something, you can’t seem to even stand by and watch others fight the good fight without sniping and undercutting your own party members. Sen Wonderful White Hair, couldn’t you even support your fellow Texan?

Everyday you give me more reason to think the only way to go is to a third-party. Understand that I am a conservative, I want smaller government, and I support the “go hard or go home” take the fight to the floor mentality of Senators Wackobirds. I will side with the Wackobirds because we cannot continue in this constant leftward lurch and debt ceiling increases. The far right must tug the country toward the right. We don’t have much time left. Praise and support the Wackobirds. There is room for all in the tent. Continue carping and name calling and I will go with the Wackobirds.

Our future is at stake.


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