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ObamaCare Roll-out and Glitches

Posted by madjillmom on October 1, 2013

I have tried 4 times to log into Obamacare exchanges. Early this morning, I got past the security questions and then was unable to create an account. Later this afternoon, I was unable to see any of the security questions to continue on. Other have reported this problem. This was after a 40 minute wait to get to the start process. I am now trying to get in again. I am spending another 25 minutes waiting to see if I can get into the website and create an account. It seems to me that the Sec. Sebelius could have forseen these problems and rolled out the website in a limited way. A few states for the first few days then add in other states every few days. Guess they aren’t that smart in the Obama administration.

If you are poor, and you do not have a computer, and you have to go to the library to use their computers, you aren’t going to like these long delays and aborted attempts. I understand that calling the phone number Pres. Obama gave out won’t be any easier. First you will have to listen to the language prompts and with 150 languages, it could take a while after that initial 40 minute hold period.

Still wondering if there is any better choices since I am pretty sure our current insurance is going up to meet the Obamacare requirements.


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