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Obamacare Signup – The Ongoing Saga

Posted by madjillmom on October 3, 2013

Tried again about three times today to set up an account in Obamacare. Got to the security questions that do now have the questions. Put in my answers and clicked to submit. Then it tells me it cannot open an account at this time and try later. It also tells me I can’t use that same answer for more than one of the questions. I used three separate answers that don’t even resemble each other. At least it isn’t telling me that Mexican is not a cuisine like it did two days ago.

If people were able to set up and buy this insurance for a lot less than they are now paying, wouldn’t the MSM be doing non stop stories about how great it is.  Turns out Obama’s people props on Tuesday haven’t been able to sign up either. I guess that is some justice.




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