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Still Trying to Check Out Obamacare

Posted by madjillmom on October 7, 2013

Last week, I tried about 10 or more times to get in and establish an account to see what might be available on the much touted Obamacare Exchanges. Obama shut down his websites, designed by a Canadian firm (???) over the weekend. But I tried again this morning and was once again unable to go past the initial setup of an account. I thought they were going to fix it. Wishful thinking. I want to know what is available because Obamacare is probably going to raise the rates on our current insurance. I am hearing report of our type of insurance going up 30 to 60 percent due to the regulations of Obamacare. Because of this probable increase, I need to see what is available.

I have read several posts about the problems with the website and the sticker shock of people who are actually able to get in and try to shop for health insurance. IT experts are telling us that the whole design of website is not what it should be and is designed to cause crashes or denial of service attack like incidents.

I was alarmed to see that if I do get into the real site to tell them about myself, there will be a credit check and other questions I might not want the government to know about me. Please take a few minutes and read this post about getting into the sites. It is an eye-opener.


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