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Another Attempt to Log-in to Obamacare – Site is Down – Try Again

Posted by madjillmom on October 8, 2013

It is 8:45 am central time. I just tried for about the 15th time to log into Obamacare website and it is down. I am told to come back later, please. I will be attempting to create an account twice a day until I get in and can see what the prices are for me. I am 56, with no chronic disease. I will have to have maternity coverage, alcohol and drug rehab coverage, lots of mental health coverage (which we may all need in the era of Obamacare) and I will have to pay for it. My current coverage is reasonable affordable and covers everything I want it to. I hope to be able to keep it, but that probably won’t happen. I like my doctors and would like to stay with them. This may not happen either. All those Obamacare promises are pretty much down the drain. But I will keep trying. I will post updates.

Maybe Kathleen Sebelius could change the picture of the beautiful smiling girl to at least a beautiful frowning girl. That would reflect truth in advertising!


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