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Problems with Obamacare Site – Installment 10

Posted by madjillmom on October 10, 2013

Ten days in and I still can’t get past the security questions to set up an account to see what is available in the health exchanges. At least now, it just says it couldn’t create the account at this time and to try later. At least it didn’t tell me that I had to have different answers to all the security questions. Great progress, Pres. Obama. Of course, I still don’t know what options are available for me as I await the mail that tells us our health insurance is going up on account of Obamacare.

How wonderful will it be when the Dems get their wish and we have to go on a government website just like this to get an appointment with a doctor (not the ones you go to now) but whoever is available. It will be a lot like going to the VA. What fun that will be!!!


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