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Obamacare Update – Part 12 ???

Posted by madjillmom on October 19, 2013

I have finally been successful in creating an account, I think. I am now waiting, I think, for something that is in process. Not certain what. Last problem was seeing the “marketplace eligibility” notice that says it is finished but won’t pop up.

Meanwhile, more mail comes from my husband’s employer with OMB notices attached. The old insurance offered by the company is changing to another insurer. So we do not know what the replacement will cost at this time. The two mailing from his employer are pretty hard to understand. It seemed that they were saying that they provide insurance coverage that meets the Obamacare minimums. Then it says they are changing companies and the old insurance is being dropped.

Our insurance currently is provided from my husband’s last employer. Because of my husband’s lengthy employment before being laid off almost 2 years ago (by one of Obama’s Job Council members), we have access to the retiree insurance paid out of our pocket. It is a high deductible policy with an HSA attached to it. It works for us, though we don’t know how much more it will cost due to Obamacare minimums. So I must check the exchanges to see if there is anything there.

Two concerns:

Social Security Numbers are optional throughout the process. Is this because they want illegal aliens to sign up? Didn’t they tell us that illegal aliens would not be eligible? I believe every citizen has a Social Security number.

Immediately after you don’t put in your SS number, a screen comes us asking for your racial/ethnic information. They say it is to make healthcare better. How does know your race help in your healthcare. All pre-existing conditions are covered and if you have a disease that is ethnic or racial in origin, it is covered not matter what, so why do they need to know your race/ethnicity. Your doctor may need to know your race/ethnicity if there is a health matter related to it, but the insurance company and the government don’t need that info to sell you insurance.



One Response to “Obamacare Update – Part 12 ???”

  1. OGRE said

    You have to keep in mind that the system is NOT supposed to work. It’s supposed to trick people into thinking that the private insurance market is the problem. Then we can get to Single Payer / Socialized Medicine faster.

    One good thing is that Obamacare is so disproportionately bad that it’s going to make passing the blame off as “a problem with Capitalism” a hard sell. They really don’t need that much information. My work requires programming and database manipulation. Creating a website that generates a database entry that is then queried by other entities is extremely simple now. It’s pretty much how every website works on the back end.

    Remember the insurance companies are supposed to be evil, excluding people with pre-exisiting conditions, removing people from their parent’s insurance. However evil you thought they were, they were at least competent enough to separate people from their money. This Obamacare system is so inept that it can’t even do that!

    These clowns are so ignorant and incompetent that they can’t even make their illegitimate argument for “Capitalism is Bad” well enough for anyone to buy it.

    I think that even with the help of the media, Obamacare is going to die on its own.

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