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Obamacare Sign Up Problems – Part 13??

Posted by madjillmom on October 23, 2013

This morning I went on to check on my account. I was able to get an account last Saturday, 4 days ago. It is still “in progress” and so I cannot see what is available beyond it. There is also some kind of message it says is there concerning marketplace eligibility, but I cannot see it or read it. So I am stuck. Went to chat to see what was going on. Talked with someone called Raven. Is that name made up?

She said that sometimes the pop-up blocker causes issues. Not cookies, but the pop-up blocker. I went and took off the blocker. Why would a computer program want you to disable a security feature. According to eHow, a pop-up blocker is a security measure.

Pop up blockers can help prevent your computer from receiving unwanted spyware or ads that could possibly harm your system. By allowing it to block ads, you can control the type of windows that are allowed to be viewed on your computer. It can help you from clicking on links that could possibly spread a virus, adware or spyware on your computer.

I will try to go back on tomorrow if my computer hasn’t gotten infected with a virus because I took down the pop-up blocker.

When I asked Raven how long it takes to go from “in process” to done, she couldn’t help me and told me to try back every few days to check on it. Great answer. Keep trying. OK.


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