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ObamaCare Bait and Switch

Posted by madjillmom on October 29, 2013

Early this morning, I was finally able to navigate through the website onto the actual offerings for my age, my county, and my state. I wasn’t easy. It really is not a friendly website. You try clicking on lots of different things hoping to get somewhere. So, ten days past the account setup, I was able to go into see what is really available.

A few weeks ago, the Obamacare website put a button on that would allow us to view the policy prices available in the exchange without an account. The “shop and browse” feature looked pretty good. All the prices (39 different options) were under our current rate. I began to think that there might be some options in Obamacare. But I just couldn’t quite believe it. It was strangely comforting to think that if our current insurance goes up because of the minimum care standards that require I at 56 be covered for maternity benefits, there would be a fallback on the exchange. Score one for Obamacare.

But, the “shop and browse” feature was a lie. On that part of the website, all 39 were affordable. But when I actually got into the marketplace, only two options out of 39 were affordable. A comparable policy with comparable deductibles will double our costs. So there is no backup for us. We will have to pay whatever the increase will be. Praying that the increase is affordable, but know that sooner or later it won’t be.

This website is engaging in bait and switch tactics that would be illegal if the local Walmart did it. Obama needs to answer to all the lies used to pass this law into existence. Please remember that no Republicans voted for this law. Please remember that the Republicans have tried and tried to repeal, defund, and delay the law and all it onerous consequences. The law was “designed” to give nearly free healthcare to the poor at the expense of all the middle class. Remember this when you pay more for coverage you do not need.


One Response to “ObamaCare Bait and Switch”

  1. OGRE said

    Remember the real purpose for Obamacare is to usher in Socialized Medicine, remember our good friend Harry Reid finally admitted it.

    Obamacare is designed to collapse the current private insurance industry and leave the government as the sole insurer. It was supposed to accomplish this while making the American people think that the “evil insurance companies” were to blame for insane prices and levels of coverage.

    The problem for the Democrats is that their tactics are so obvious that nobody is blaming the private insurance companies. Obamacare has been so poorly rolled out that passing the blame to private industry is all but impossible at this point.

    Some insurance prices are so insanely high for some people that paying for insurance would be completely pointless. If the deductible is higher than the yearly premium rate; what’s the point? You’re basically paying out of pocket anyway. It’s not really health insurance any more, it’s catastrophic coverage with extremely high premiums and deductibles. Unless you require thousands of dollars of medical procedures each year; most of the new plans are useless.

    I think this is going to lead to the failure of Obamacare. The government involvement is too transparent to pass the blame. Why would any insurance company operate this way? Why would an insurance company “try” to price itself out of the market? I think that is why nobody is going to by this. It’s like Walmart decided to price a gallon of milk at $10. If that were the case they would stop selling milk. But the Democrats want you to think that insurance companies have done just that, priced themselves out of their own market; oh, and that the government had nothing to do with it.

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