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Duck Dynasty and Modern Family

Posted by madjillmom on December 24, 2013

The minute I heard about the brouhaha with Phil Robertson, I sent off a letter to A & E. I am supportive of the Robertsons. I watch their show. It is a great mix of ruggedness, business, faith and odd folks that are easy to like. You can watch it an laugh with them. You never hear a cuss word and you never hear meanness. I particularly love and wince at the exchanges between loving brothers, a testosterone driven one-upmanship that mirrors our own three sons.

Lately, I have a new addiction on TV. It is Modern Family. Modern Family features lots of likable characters, including a gay couple working out their own lives. It is charming and funny.

Our culture, pushed to the limit, pushes acceptance of gayness into our face. Simple acceptance of “live and let live” is not enough for GLAAD and P-FLAG. Evidently, they want all of us to believe that gay is mainstream. Is it? While I am happy that no one in today’s America must live in “the closet”, while I am happy that sitcoms can come up with funny couples that provoke though, I am also alarmed at the political clout of a minority of gay rights groups. When will they be happy with me? Must I evolve to their group think, the exact opposite of group think of the past that kept gays in the closet?  Will they only be happy when sin has been redefined and no one is a sinner? I am a sinner and fall short. So is Phil Robertson, and so is the gay guy down the street.




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