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Christi Crisis vs. Obama Scandals

Posted by madjillmom on January 9, 2014

I listened to the Christi news conference earlier. The MSM will hound Christi on this bridge lane closure until he is probably out of office. I have already seen Juan Williams ask how Christi could not have known about what his top level officials had done. Compare and contrast the MSM and their curiosity about the Tea Party IRS Scandal. Christi has already fired two people. Obama hasn’t fired anyone. He has let one leave early and one retire out. I ask the MSM to ask how Obama didn’t know about the Tea Party targeting when the IRS Commissioner had 160 visits to the White House during the time of the targeting. I ask the MSM to look at the Tea Party Scandal and look as vigorously at what went down and why didn’t Obama know about it. I also ask them to question the DOJ having an ardent Obama campaign donor lead the so-called investigation into the Tea Party IRS scandal.

While both of these scandals have legs, one is an stupid offense done by petty people with some power. The other rocks the tax code and the impartiality of a huge government bureaucracy with nearly unlimited power. One will be investigated by the MSM until Christi resigns. The other will be written off by as a phony scandal.


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