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Obama – More Flexible with Putin Again in Ukraine

Posted by madjillmom on February 28, 2014

Before the 2012 Election, Obama sent a message that he could be more flexible with Putin after his re-election. So tonight, he continued to be flexible. He contorted himself into the shape of a quivering bowl of jello by announcing that he is thinking about doing something real bad if Putin continues to invade the Ukraine. He threatened to talk with others about writing a strongly worded statement in tandem with other countries to be named at a later date. Consequences are overwhelming. Putin will surrender soon, I am sure.

How interesting that Obama tries to look strong with wussy threats of nothing in the same week he announces severe and continued cuts in the military. Russia, North Korea, and Iran are watching. Obama is weak.


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Katy Perry and Security at the Embassies

Posted by madjillmom on February 27, 2014

Katy Perry has a video that offends Islam and Mohammed. I hope Sec. of State John Kerry has beefed up the security of consulates/embassies in the Muslim world. And I hope someone has issued an arrest warrant to the video producer/director/costume designer so this won’t result in the death of another Ambassador.

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Harvard Student Decries Freedom of Thought

Posted by madjillmom on February 26, 2014

Evidently being educated at Harvard makes it very hard to hear anything other than liberal views. Read this article about a Harvard Senior telling us all that she and her liberal ilk should shut down academic research in the name of “justice” according to her liberal views. Now that is real critical thinking. Freedom is a scary thing if you have to hear opposing views, especially in the rarefied air of Harvard University.

This woman has a great future in Obama’s IRS! She will be very comfortable using the power of the Government to quash opponents. Sen. Shumer and Pres. Obama should give her a call.

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Soldiers, Surfers, and Food Stamps

Posted by madjillmom on February 25, 2014

Yesterday, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, Obama’s hatchet man for the military, announced drastic cuts in our armed forces. The proposal would cut our military to levels not seen since before WW2. So now, military families will see cuts in their benefits, and will be subject to wholesale layoffs in a high unemployment “recovery”. This will weaken the military at a time when the world is ever more dangerous. China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea are all looking at this de-facto surrender.

Also, yesterday, Jesse Watters tracked down the San Diego surfer dude that was featured in a Fox News special last year on the subject of food stamps. This able-bodied 29-year-old was receiving food stamps and using them to buy lobster as needed  While interview last night, his drug riddled mind clings to the hope of a being a rock and roll star rather than growing up. Please note that while the interview was going on, he was smoking regular cigarettes.

The upshot of all this is Obama wants to cut the military but not the benefits for the deluded surfer who lives better on this perk he is handed by Uncle Sam courtesy of hard-working people. Here is the message from Obama. Sign up to defend our country against its enemies, get laid off. Sign up to surf all day, eat lobster on the taxpayer so you have enough left over to buy cigarettes, no problem, no cuts. Further last week, Obama raised minimum wage to 10.10 (once again courtesy of the tax payer) so the people working in the mess hall, dishing up the food to our nations soldiers, is being paid more that those soldiers. Message to military men – leave the military and get a job surfing on welfare or slinging hash and you will do better.

Jesse Watters asked Surfer Dude about our national debt. The surfer dude had no clue. Neither does Obama.

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Eric Holder and Convicted Felons

Posted by madjillmom on February 19, 2014

Attorney General Eric Holder wants all felons to be able to vote. Someone should ask him if one’s right to vote should be restored if your crime was voter fraud.

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The Ukraine and Obama’s Smart Diplomacy

Posted by madjillmom on February 19, 2014

Finally, with fires burning you can see from space, with deaths on the street from riots, Obama has pivoted from whatever his last pivot actually was. It started to bubble up yesterday. He dispatched Joe Biden to call the Ukraine. This didn’t work apparently, so he is now picking up his phone and making a phone call himself. Great. That should fix it. The world has such a love for King Obama, his Nobel Peace Prize dusted and shining on his shelf, that his phone call will work some of the Obama magic once again. You know, like Libya, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Thailand, Israel, South Sudan, and all those other places he has fixed.

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ObamaCare Sucks Part 81

Posted by madjillmom on February 12, 2014

Another delay in the employer mandate has just come out, a wholesale change of the law. The law the Dems wrote and shoved down our throats sucks and causes lots of bad things. If this were a Republican changing existing laws based upon political concerns, the MSM would be howling. There is no reason to delay this mandate. The only reason is that this stinker of a law will hurt the Dems next November. King Obama waves his scepter and changes it willy-nilly. We must not let any President change the laws on a whim. We have a system of checks and balances that Obama is allowed to ignore.

Changes are made because of the liability to Democrats in upcoming elections. Almost 30 changes in Obamacare is not just tinkering with the implementation. We were told that this is the law, until something hurts the Dems and we will delay or ignore that part of the law. Meanwhile, the costs rise and the implementation continues to hurt so many. Now, businesses will have to swear that they made no changes due to Obamacare. They write a terrible law and then tell employers they cannot make adjustments in staffing due to all the consequences of the stupid law.


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Keystone Pipeline Decision – 8 More Agencies Must Weigh In

Posted by madjillmom on February 4, 2014

Remember after Obama lost the House in 2010, his 2011 State of the Union speech promised to eliminate duplication and excess regulation in our ever-growing government. His talking point was amusing, citing the salmon and the agencies that regulate it in freshwater, another in salt water, another when caught, and another when canned or sold. Guess he wasn’t able to do anything about that.  Another Obama promise flushed down the drain.

We have now heard from the State Department on the Keystone Pipeline. They say it won’t cause very much damage. So now, Obama can’t OK it because 8 more government agencies have to study it and weigh in. The 800 lb. gorilla is the EPA who won’t want it. What other agencies are the other 7?  It took 5 years to get to this point. Ridiculous.

While Obama fiddles and whines about Fox News, this oil will go to China. China gives not one whit about clean air and carbon in the atmosphere. If you love the world and want to protect it, build the pipeline. It is kind of funny how Obama uses his pen without authority to be King but won’t use his actual power on something like this.

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Apple, Inc. vs. IRS Tea Party Scandal

Posted by madjillmom on February 3, 2014

I was catching up on some WSJ this weekend and read a short article about the Justice Department Monitor assigned to Apple. If you are not in the know about this, Apple was assigned a monitor by the Justice Department for possible wrong doing in colluding to fix prices of e-books. There have been quite a few editorials on the wide ranging fishing that this Apple monitor is doing. The monitor is said to be throwing his weight around, investigating lots of stuff that isn’t in his prevue or mission. Thus, Apple has asked that the monitor be put under their control because the monitor is expanding messing where he shouldn’t be. So, the Justice Department has told them that they cannot put the monitor under Apple’s control because that would be a big conflict of interest. They can’t control the monitor because the monitor can’t work for Apple, he must be independent.

Ok, that makes sense. If Apple needs a monitor, the monitor should not be on Apple’s payroll, or the investigation is tainted.

Ok, now to the IRS Tea Party Scandal. Atty. General Eric Holder says there is no conflict of interest in putting a big Obama supporter, Barbara Bosserman, in change of the investigation. No conflict of interest there at all. No problem. Further, the WSJ has reported that there will be no indictments on this scandal. And, last night, Pres. Obama told Bill O’Reilly there is no “smidgen of corruption” in the IRS Scandal. How does the President know this? Is the investigation over? Is someone giving Obama inside information about the investigation? They haven’t even interviewed the victims of the IRS political bias. The 150 plus visits by the head of the IRS (the husband of a huge Democratic Activist) at the White House have not been explained. The Justice Department has put a person with a big political bias, in Obama’s favor, in charge of an investigation into the political bias of the IRS, once again in favor of Obama. And Obama tells us to trust him when he says there is no scandal there, only the bias of Fox News.

This Justice Department is a joke.

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