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ObamaCare Sucks Part 81

Posted by madjillmom on February 12, 2014

Another delay in the employer mandate has just come out, a wholesale change of the law. The law the Dems wrote and shoved down our throats sucks and causes lots of bad things. If this were a Republican changing existing laws based upon political concerns, the MSM would be howling. There is no reason to delay this mandate. The only reason is that this stinker of a law will hurt the Dems next November. King Obama waves his scepter and changes it willy-nilly. We must not let any President change the laws on a whim. We have a system of checks and balances that Obama is allowed to ignore.

Changes are made because of the liability to Democrats in upcoming elections. Almost 30 changes in Obamacare is not just tinkering with the implementation. We were told that this is the law, until something hurts the Dems and we will delay or ignore that part of the law. Meanwhile, the costs rise and the implementation continues to hurt so many. Now, businesses will have to swear that they made no changes due to Obamacare. They write a terrible law and then tell employers they cannot make adjustments in staffing due to all the consequences of the stupid law.



2 Responses to “ObamaCare Sucks Part 81”

  1. OGRE said

    NONE of what Obama is doing in relation to the health care law is legal. This makes me wonder if anyone should follow the law anymore; if it’s bad for me, maybe I should just ignore it?

  2. OGRE said

    Obama, “Let’s promote laziness and lawlessness! Vote for me AGAIN in 2016!”

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