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Screaming on the Inside

Obama Orders Overtime

Posted by madjillmom on March 14, 2014

A few days ago, Obama said this:

“Today, I’m gonna use my pen to give more Americans the chance to earn overtime pay that they deserve. … If you have to work more, you should get paid more.” 

With the stroke of a pen, he doubles the threshold of overtime for workers. It means that someone making $900 a week is now eligible for overtime rather than making less then $450 (give or take). Great. HE is giving the benefit, so is HE going to pay it? No. The man who couldn’t run a newsstand is now ordering all small businesses to pay overtime to so many more people. Where does HE think this money comes from? So now look for more people to be choked down to less hours in less jobs across the land.

Just a lot more of that magical thinking that edicts from on high make business sense. He is once again buying peoples votes with other people’s money. 


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