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What Happens Now with Obamacare?

Posted by madjillmom on March 27, 2014

Someday soon, according to the website, the enrollment period for obtaining insurance on the exchange is ending and will not be available until November for 2015 enrollments. So, when someone shows up at the doctor’s office or at a hospital emergency room and has no insurance, what happens?  Are they turned away? Are they taxed by the IRS? Just exactly what happens when you don’t buy health insurance and you are sick? According to my count, more people are uninsured now than when this thing started.

After all the extensions are done, after all the hardships are assessed, what happens? I can guarantee you that illegal aliens will still show up for care and expect someone else to pay for it. Young invincibles will still get hurt and need care. Someone tell me just what happens now, please. Someone ask the Dems what is going to happen since they are the ones who forced Obamacare down our throats.


2 Responses to “What Happens Now with Obamacare?”

  1. OGRE said

    This is a point I have made as well. If the whole idea was to get more people insured; why then pay the government fine? How does paying the government for a lack of “private” health insurance make any sense?

    If the fine/tax is required to make the bill work; how many people must be required to, but not get insurance, to keep it up and running?

    The bill mandates that a lot of people pay it’s fine/tax in order to operate? So, the government benefits by the website not working!?

    The government stands to benefit by more people NOT getting insurance –because the law’s primary funding mechanism is based on people NOT getting insurance.

  2. OGRE said

    The people with no insurance will still get care when they go to the emergency room. Those without insurance will be provided care at no cost to them by hospitals that have been given less money through Medicare cuts and the loss of tax subsidies to deal with such cases. Emergency rooms have to stabilize you anyway, that’s already the law…

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