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Obama and the VA

Posted by madjillmom on May 21, 2014

Obama is on TV telling us how the VA has been a high priority for his administration. He mentions that he was on the VA Committee in his brief time in the Senate. So if he was always focused on it, why is it still this bad. Calling for another study. Will wait until it comes but will always care about our veterans.

Someone please find out how many VA Committee meetings he attended while in the Senate. Someone ask him why this is all news to him if he was on that committee. Also, please ask how often he has met one-on-one with Gen. Shinseki during this 6 years of his administration?

Jay Carney has recently told us that Obama only found out about the problems from the news. How could that be? Oh, yeah, they lie.


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Obama and Brag About Growing the Military

Posted by madjillmom on May 20, 2014

Amid the growing VA scandal that Obama is REALLY MAD about, I looked on the Veterans part of I was amused to see him brag about growing the military. Here is the part where he promises not to cut the military.

  • Expand Ground Forces to Meet Military Needs and Improve Quality of Life: Increasing end strength in the Army and Marine Corps will help units retrain and re-equip properly between deployments, reduce the strain on military families, and help put an end to stop loss. We also plan to halt end strength reductions in the Air Force and Navy.

I guess that is another useless promise from our President. Kinda like “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor”. He hired dumb Chuck Hagel to gut the military. After all, the world is much safer now than before Obama was President.


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Chipotle and Guns

Posted by madjillmom on May 20, 2014

Probably not going into a Chipotle Restaurant anytime soon. They are ripe for the picking now.

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Marine in Mexican Jail and Gays in the NFL

Posted by madjillmom on May 20, 2014

Another young man who serves in the Marines has ended up in a Mexican jail cell because he had guns in his vehicle and made a wrong turn. His mother is begging people to go to and sign a petition to get Obama’s attention. I am sure Obama will turn his attention to the issue after another exhaustive search into the sex lives of the NFL draft is completed. He wants to make sure he has called all the gays serving on the football field and basketball court to tell them how brave they are. Then he might have a little time before his golf game to give a call to his counterpart in Mexico or maybe he could call the family of the Marine and tell them he is planning on getting around to doing something about it.

Maybe his mother should tell everyone that her son is gay. That might work.


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Obama’s Inconvenient Benghazi

Posted by madjillmom on May 20, 2014

Benghazi is an inconvenience for Barack. Too bad. Here is how it seemed to go down.

Obama decides to go into Benghazi because there were reports on TV that thousands were being killed by Colonel Gaddafi. We were told that the bodies were stacking up. We didn’t see them, but that was what we were told. Worried that this might be a Rwanda thing, Pres. Obama decides, on his own, to go in with air strikes.

It was supposed to take a few weeks, but it took 6 months. Costs explode due to the time it took. Obama thought this would be a slam dunk and it was the right time, not to close to re-election. This was the first inconvenience about Obama’s policy.

Colonel Gaddafi is shot in a ditch. Obama calls it all good.

OK, so now some more inconvenience comes Obama’s way. Libya has been spiraling downhill since Obama called it all great. Weapons given to fight Gaddafi have fallen into the wrong hands. There are lots of attacks. Attacks on diplomats. Great Britain pulls out. There are even attacks on the compound in Benghazi. But nothing is done. The State Department and Hillary are very busy traveling the world and putting in very expensive electric car charging stations in Europe.

It is about 6 weeks out from the 2012 election, and things are about to get really inconvenient for Barack. The Benghazi compound is attacked and overrun with the Ambassador in residence. Why was he there on 9/11? There is very little security, even though the Ambassador has been asking for more over and over again. Ambassador killed, another American killed. Fight goes to CIA Annex next. Two more Americans killed. No response from the military. Was Obama too busy to order the military to the area to dissuade further killings? Obama is probably working on debate prep. He has a campaign event tomorrow in Las Vegas. Gosh, darn. This is really inconvenient. Thank goodness the press is in his corner. They spend 3 days castigating Romney for his comments on the death of 4 Americans rather than investigating what the President and the administration was doing about the attack.

The White House goes into Campaign mode. Quick, blame the video. Tell the families that they died because a Coptic Christian put up a video that Islam finds offensive. Make a commercial for $70,000 to run in Pakistan even though you know that the video wasn’t he problem. Send Susan Rice out to lie. Monkey with the talking points. Take out anything that makes Obama or Hillary look bad. Gosh, this is darn inconvenient, but it seems to be working.

Even a year later, let Hillary pull out the lie before congress. What does it matter now? Obama won reelection. Why sweat it. Don’t give the memos to congress, just keep stalling until you can say “Dude, that is like two whole years ago.”

Oh, so inconvenient for Obama. His mini-war has wrought death and distraction, lies and more lies. Today, Libya is in great turmoil. Will Obama take some of the credit for it? Because the deaths now in Libya and most of the carnage in Syria are a direct result of Obama’s foreign policy “doctrine”. After Libya, and Obama’s chosen action there that went bad and is still going bad, Obama is so impotent in Syria. He draws red lines and blood runs down the street. The bodies are really stacking up in Syria.

Lots and lots of questions unanswered about Benghazi. Lots of chaos still there and all over Libya. Lots of killing in Syria. How very inconvenient.

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Hashtag Missile Shield Needed

Posted by madjillmom on May 10, 2014

In a remarkable new episode of the reset relationship/cold war between Russia/Putin and US/Obama/Hillary/John Kerry, there is a report that a barrage of hashtags/octothorpes/pound signs have fallen near Vladamir Putin while he was out and about in the newly annexed Crimea. One of Putin’s body guards was hit in the noggin during this hashtag barrage and required an ice bag and a bandaid.

In a related incident, Boko Harum, hiding in the bush in Nigeria, with all those kidnapped Christian girls, was also hit with a significant batch of hashtags just before they sold these poor girls into slavery. Hillary was said to be very excited that her hashtags made a difference.


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