Mama Bin Cranky

Screaming on the Inside

Bowe Bergdahl

Posted by madjillmom on June 3, 2014

He was young. He was evidently raised by a pretty weird dad. Homeschooled. Bright but maybe somehow off? He joined. He was not drafted.

My own sons (3) are in the active duty military. One has been deployed. They have all been disappointed and discouraged in their respective branches and in the military. They did not walk off. If they did, they would be prosecuted.

Lots of bad stuff coming out about this young man. Bringing him home is good. But trading him for 5 high value detainees is really bad. If Special Forces knew where he was, why didn’t they go get him? Why trade?

Why have a rose garden ceremony with Pres. Obama? Why have non-disclosure agreements with his unit to keep things quiet? Why didn’t the White House read the Rolling Stone article? They sure read the one about McCrystal real quick? Why send out Susan Rice with some more really bad information?

So many questions…

Will there ever be answers?


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