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Put Your Guest Room Where Your Mouth Is, Liberals!

Posted by madjillmom on July 29, 2014

Wave after wave of needy children coming to your city. They are only children, and they need to stay here until they can be properly dealt with. Have you no compassion! We can’t turn them away! We must pass comprehensive immigration reform or this will continue. We must hand out citizenship like candy on Halloween. Do you hear me, you small-minded conservative types that want a secure border before we hand out amnesty!

I will think better of people like Geraldo and Kristin Powers and Bob Beckel when they install one of those needy 14 to 17-year-old future gang members boy children in their spare bedroom. They think it is such a great idea, as long as it is the government doing it.  I even thing the White House has a lot of unused bedrooms available. They can play with Malia and Sasha. The girls can help them learn English.


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