Mama Bin Cranky

Screaming on the Inside

Obama’s Grief

Posted by madjillmom on August 22, 2014

Today, the spokespeople for the President have told us that while he is laughing on the outside, he is, indeed, crying on the inside. Oh, yeah, he is really mad about the beheading of an American journalist. You can tell by the way he swings his golf club just how mad he is. The White House is so sorry that golfing with an NBA player buddy doesn’t convey his deep anger and grief.

My new theory is that when Obama doesn’t know what to do, he plays golf. It is so much easier to do than to run the country and protect the country.

Oh, yes, remember when Obama went back to the White House on Sunday and Monday? He wasn’t going to a party, he was conferring with Joe Biden at the open bar that just happened to be at his friends party. Always at work, he is. Optics matter.



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