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Obamo Opines About the French Jews

Posted by madjillmom on February 9, 2015

Now our national religious scholar, Pres. Obama, is telling us all that the attack on the Kosher Deli in France (after the Charlie Hebdo attack by rabid Presbyterians) was just random. It wasn’t deadly anti-semitism. It was just a random attack. This comes after Obama has applied his extensive religious studies to inform us all that ISIS/ISIL is not Islamic. Just a few days ago, he exhorted all us judgmental Christians to fall off our high horses onto our holy war swords because we are just as guilty as ISIS/ISIL because of the Crusades or the Spanish Inquisition. Evidently, American Christians were somehow responsible for those past deeds even though they didn’t exist in that time. Somehow, this blame us first attitude of Obama means that ISIL/ISIS is not really that bad for beheading Americans, burning  Jordanians, raping Yazidi women, and killing young boys for watching soccer. All morally equivalent. Bad actions from a thousand years ago and bad actions today. All the same, don’t pass judgement. Islam is peaceful, nothing to see here, move on.

Does Obama know how many Christians have been killed by Muslims in the last few years? Doubt it.


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Talk vs. Action – Obama vs. Jordan

Posted by madjillmom on February 4, 2015

The religion of peace is being perverted, so say all. Obama dithers and waits for another shoe to drop. The soul-less barbarians chopping of the heads of American, Japanese, and British citizens continues with a new and wicked escalation, the filmed torching of a brave Jordanian pilot. Of course, ISIL/ISIS timed the release of this film to embarrass  Pres. Obama, but he is too busy acting as an Islamic Scholar, debating if ISIS/ISIL is Islamic.

He tells us they are just your JV team of really bloodthirsty book club members (that book being the Koran)  who somehow just latched onto Islam while attempting to spread Sharia Law and terror across all the world. Their ideology is bankrupt is what Obama tells us. These people are not a threat to us, he tells us. Last week, American and Former Marine David Berry was killed by the Islamic State in a hotel bombing in Tripoli. Obama said nothing. The next high heel to drop will be when the Islamic State Barbarian JV Team cooks up something really gruesome t0 kill the American aid worker woman they have. Meanwhile, Obama stamps his foot and tells us he knows what is Islamic and what isn’t. We might not care what he called them if he did something really decisive about this rogue Lutheran Pot Luck Club called ISIS/ISIL. Instead, he says the Taliban aren’t terrorists and ISIL is not Islamic. Also, we must close Guantanamo asap. Remember, the War on Terror is over, so sayeth Obama. He scurries around talking tough for a few days while the headlines show the horror. Then the headlines go away, and Obama does little. Out of sight, not a priority.

Within 24 hours of the release of the gruesome pilot burning tape, the King of Jordan ordered two executions of terrorists convicted in Jordan. One was the woman suicide bomber that the Islamic State Barbarian Supper Club wanted to trade for an already dead Jordanian pilot.

Obama talks about his version of how he wants things to be. The King of Jordan took action.

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