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Screaming on the Inside

Judge Them on Their Character

Posted by madjillmom on May 4, 2015

Let’s judge the looters on their character. Let’s judge the police on their character. Not their color.

Do Black Lives Matter to those people in black communities? Is it OK to riot and loot because something awful has happened? Is being poor an excuse?

When will there be a peaceful protest against Black on Black crime? When will a mother keep her young son from buying the latest Nike sneakers rather than a computer to help with his homework? When will we stop hearing about infrequent “cop killing young black men” and hear more about black men looking after their children and being good role models. When will we shun the culture that encourages gang membership and puts down women as whores and bitches.

When some of this happens, then we can all say that Black Lives Matter.



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