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Mocking Islam and Just a Little Sharia

Posted by madjillmom on May 6, 2015

I support the event that was held on Sunday by Pam Geller. While it is uncomfortable to support the mocking of a religion, it is sometimes necessary to push the envelope and openly mock Islam or Mohammed. Some of the freedoms we have here must be exercised lest the populace allow more “creeping Sharia” to slowly take over.  If there is no pushback to the tenents of Islam, if we allow the State to start limiting this type of speech, then we are allowing this very restrictive religion to take over. Soon, I suspect some idiot will try to pass a law that calls this hate speech and imposes limits. Then what? Will we allow the adherents of Islam to restrict our rights?

It may not be viewed as wise, but it is sometimes necessary to push back against a religion that would kill those who mock it. Pamela Geller is drawing a red line. She might be drawing it with her own blood. She is already under constant guard and now there are those who have asked that she be killed because of her actions. She was in the company of others with the same target drawn on their backs.

The better question should be “Is it OK to put a hit out on someone who insults your religion?”. According to what I have read, if you convert  away from Islam, you are subject to death also. Do we allow Islam to condemn Pam Geller, Geert Wilders, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the cartoonist/artists who displayed the depictions of Mohammad, the School District that rented the hall, or me for writing my support for the event? Sometimes we must take a stand and do something provocative that challenges our usual way of thinking. It would be nice if it weren’t necessary, but it is. In the last 6 months, two bloggers critical of Islam have been killed by radical Islamists in this world. If on Sunday, a cop hadn’t been such a good shot, there may have been a lot more killing in the name of Mohammad.

Here is one of the cartoons/depictions from the Sunday event by A. F. Branco, a brilliant cartoonist:

Je Suis Charlie color 1_zpsaamxy8ck


One Response to “Mocking Islam and Just a Little Sharia”

  1. OGRE said

    You are 100% correct. You have to keep in mind though that leftists/progressives want speech to be limited. That’s the entire point of “hate speech” it’s only labeled to try and stop it. For the leftists it’s because they want to silence their opposition, for Islamists, it’s because they want to limit everything!

    The problem is exasperated because liberal leaders and their followers are never thinking of where their actions lead, ONLY that they answer a question now… They aren’t thinking about what can happen when they are used by people other than themselves.

    The whole thing is a recipe for disaster if you ask me. If people cave on this mess than we might as well hang it up…

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