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Obama, Putin, FIFA, and the Supreme Court

Posted by madjillmom on June 10, 2015

I guess my little mind needs some hobgoblins. I wonder about consistency with Pres. Obama. I listened to his press conference from the G7 meeting on Monday.

He was asked about FIFA corruption. He said he couldn’t really comment because it is being investigated. Next he was asked about the Obamacare case pending before the Supreme Court. He didn’t defer because it is being considered, he bashed the Supreme Court for taking the case and said they should find in his favor. Yesterday, he decided that the cop in McKinney should be relieved of duty pending an investigation. So where are your boundaries, Pres. Obama? Can’t speak on a subject under review? I would like some consistency your approach to these things.

Then he insisted that we and the other G7 nations need to keep sanctions going against Russia. We need to cripple their economy to deter Putin’s aggression against the Ukraine. He is emphatic about this. Yet, he says we must stop the sanctions put in place in order to stop Iran from building a nuclear bomb. Months and months of talks and no sanctions while Iran cooks up some nuclear stuff right under Obama’s nose.


2 Responses to “Obama, Putin, FIFA, and the Supreme Court”

  1. OGRE said

    Understanding Obama is simple once you understand that he doesn’t like the United States. See this link and read the article by Dinesh D’Souza.

  2. OGRE said

    Sorry, I also wanted to comment on the church shooting. When Obama holds a press conference; it’s not about the shooter and how what he did is awful. No, Obama’s main theme is that there is a long history of racism in America, and that we are still far from solving the issue of racism. Then he goes on to gun control.

    Obama does not like the United States as it was founded and he wants to tear it down. There is no other logical explanation for his actions. Every single move he makes is to further his agenda, which is weakening the US and making the US less influential on the world stage.

    What do you think, after reading the Dinesh D’Souza article?

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