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Dear College Student – Throw Something

Posted by madjillmom on October 4, 2015

When confronted with an actual aggression, rather than the stupidly perceived micro-aggression, throw your 20 lb. college books, your wallet, your cell phone, your backpack, your lip gloss, your pens or pencils or even your yellow highlighter. The shooter may not stop, but he will be distracted. Call out for all to throw stuff. Keep it coming and throw as hard as you can. Turn over your desk to shield yourself. All of these shooters have only practiced shooting without being distracted. If a big textbook land a foot from you, any normal person will react by moving. This will distract them from their goal of killing people. This will make it harder for them to aim. Don’t go down without a fight.

Colleges everywhere should be teaching this principle as should all other gun-free zones of education.


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