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Problems with Trump

Posted by madjillmom on March 30, 2016

I do not hate Donald Trump. I do not love Donald Trump. I am conflicted about Donald Trump. I keep hoping that I will wake up from this bad dream and be happy about our candidate, but it hasn’t happened.

On the plus side:  I keep telling myself that Donald has to be a smart man. I even applaud him for being non-pc. I also agree with several of the things he has brought up along the campaign trail. Most notably, I have great concerns about our porous border. I also have great concerns about terrorism and a possible influx of Muslim refugees. I also love the fact that he is annoying the old guard of the Republican Party, even though they seem completely unable to see some of these issues as important and change their old ways.

On the negative side: Why does he always talk about himself? Why must he always tell us he is so smart, so rich, so everything? We already have a narcissist in the White House. Why can’t he just be classy and not be such a braggart? I believe he is proof that “money doesn’t equal class”. Will he ever drill down to policy issues beyond a wall paid for by Mexico? Will he ever not take the bait of a criticism?  He seems so thin-skinned. No one has treated him badly. Not even Jorge Ramos (an advocate mascarading as a journalist). Certainly not Megyn Kelly. Not anyone that I can see. Not even Michelle Fields. Will he ever be able to give a coherent policy speech? Will he ever be able to not punch back? I want a fighter, but not someone who trivializes everything. Can he act Presidential?

I didn’t vote for Donald in the primary. I am not sure I can vote for him in the general. What am I to do? I keep looking on some of my favorite blogs, hoping to get inspired by something he does. Mostly I see the Trump followers acting even more poorly than he does. Calling everyone names, worshipping all Donald’s most ridiculous pronouncements including those about hitting protestors and such. Several websites I used to love are now full tilt Donald supporters. I don’t like going to those sites anymore. I feel the loss of those sites, but don’t need Donald rah-rah all the time. 

McCain wasn’t my choice but I supported him. I came to feel passionate about Mitt Romney. I believed he was a decent man who would do his best for our country. Now I may have to try to find a good reason to support Donald Trump. I won’t be because of his clown hair. 


2 Responses to “Problems with Trump”

  1. ORGE said

    madjillmom ,

    I can’t give you a really good reason to vote for Trump, but I can give you a few reasons for hope. The sheer fact that so many of the people who have been in bed with the establishment Republicans (the ones who keep losing) are against Trump, lends to confidence in what he might do. Will it all be good, probably not; is it more likely to return power to the people? We DON’T really know.

    We really don’t know what will happen if we get Cruz in there. Because his backers have proven to be the same people that were behind other failed republicans. They have some agenda, whatever it might be, it’s not the will of the people, or they would be able to articulate that far in advance. Instead, there are candidates going out saying the same things they did years before, not because they are true, but because they are focus tested. I’M DONE WITH FOCUS TESTED MESSAGES. Just tell us what you want to do.

    Now one could say, Trump hasn’t said how he would do any of the things he pledging. Of course not, because there is no real way of knowing exactly what is involved with completing those tasks. The question is, do you believe that he is stating actual goals, or just blowing hot air? Therein lies the difference.

    It’s like a friend once told me. The grass is ALWAYS greener on the other side. That’s because all of the B.S. over there keeps it growing so nicely…

    Now is Trump a farmer, or a dreamer…?

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