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Lost Gains in Iraq vs. Obama’s Good War in Afghanistan

Posted by madjillmom on October 3, 2014

It was a bit comical last night to see Jen Psaki (State Department Spokeswoman) being interviewed by Megyn Kelly last night. Megyn was asking about the bombshell from Leon Panetta about why Obama left Iraq against lots of advice not to. Jen Psaki kept saying that leaving 10,000 wouldn’t have been able to keep Iraq stable and free of ISIS/ISIL. Kept repeating that many troops would have been ineffective. The Pentagon wanted to leave behind 24000 troops and Maliki turned down Obama’s offer of 5000 troops left in Iraq. This is at the very same time that the Obama administration announces a Status of Forces agreement with Afghanistan of less than 10,000 troops.

So Obama left Iraq because of politics according to Panetta. He didn’t try very hard to leave forces in Iraq even though he and Hillary had lots of leverage. But Obama now thinks less than 10,000 can stay behind in Afghanistan and keep his “good war” gains in place. Jen Psaki also praised John Kerry’s brilliant effort in securing a less than 10,000 troops agreement. Jen Psaki kept telling Megyn that even the surge of troops was unable to contain Al Qaeda. How exactly did the story change during late 2011 that Al Qaeda was decimated. Lots of different stories out of this administration.


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Kidnapping and Invasion – Obama’s Unintended Consequences

Posted by madjillmom on June 6, 2014

Dream Act by Fiat and Multiple Proposals for Anmesty for Illegal Aliens:

Unintended Consequence: Rumor to the south send thousands of unaccompanied children and some mothers to our borders. Now we are acting surprised and the people guarding the border are warehousing these people. Picture show them packed like sardines. Oh, and we need lots more money to house them, because we aren’t sending them back to where they came.

Trade 5 Big-Wig Taliban for one American:

Unintended Consequence: Memos going out to military in Afghanistan after bad guys state they are now focused on kidnapping and trading. I wonder if there is a similar memo going out to State Department staff? Obama says it had to be done. Now what happens when it happens again. Empty Gitmo!

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Obama’s Administration Calls Military “Liars”

Posted by madjillmom on June 5, 2014

Stuff continues to trickle out about Bowe Bergdahl. Since any official report will be classified, we won’t ever really know. Obama and crew had hoped that this exchange would be hailed as a great thing, thus proving that Obama does care deeply about our military. This was necessitated by the VA scandal, where Obama (once again) appeared too calm and passive and claimed to learn about the issue from the news. Those who served with Bergdahl are saying he was a deserter. The White House doesn’t need this narrative. So now those around Obama are calling those who did serve with Bowe “liars” and “swift boaters”.

Remember who was swift boated. John Kerry. He aggrandized his service, received Purple Hearts for band-aid wounds, and trashed the military when he was out. Those who served with him didn’t want his version of his service to stand unchallenged, so they spoke up. Now Sec. of State John Kerry’s spokeswoman is telling us that only Bowe knows what happened and not those who were also there. Came very close to calling the vets “liars”.

We do need to hear from Bowe. It is good that he is being brought home to his family.

Another concern is Sec. of Def. Chuck Hagel telling us he doesn’t know what happened and we need to reserve judgement. Why doesn’t he know what is in the reports? Why didn’t he warn Obama that this was going to blow up and advise him to avoid the Rose Garden ceremony? Maybe he wasn’t informed that the swap was going to happen.

Did they inform those who went in to pick up Bowe from the Taliban the issues that surround Bowe? Gosh, I hope so, but I am not convinced that they did.

Did Obama know about any of the concerns about Bowe?


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Obama Helps Me Buy a Car

Posted by madjillmom on June 4, 2014

I asked Obama to help me buy a car. We went to the used car dealer. I think we found the perfect one. I asked our wise leader to help me by negotiating the price. So off he went. He came back a while later.

I am so happy. I now am the proud owner of a ’72 Pinto. It needs a little work. A new engine and the body has some issues. It has 157,000 miles on it. I only had to pay $10,000.  Thanks, Pres. Obama. You really helped.

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Bowe Bergdahl

Posted by madjillmom on June 4, 2014

More stuff is coming out about Bowe and his issues. Who knows what to believe.

Here is what I want. I want Bowe to be a misguided young man and not a deserter or traitor. I want Obama and his administration to tell us the truth. When I see him blinking in the cab of the Taliban pickup truck, I just react as mother. I want him to be a brave and unlucky soldier. I want him to be idealistic and not stupid. I want him to be clear-eyed in his love of America. I worry that I will be disappointed about all this.

I predict that Obama and his underlings will soon come out and tell us that because there is an investigation going on, they cannot comment. Later, around November, when they are asked, they will say this is a really old story and can’t we just move forward.

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More Bergdahl Lies

Posted by madjillmom on June 4, 2014

This morning a video has been released by the Taliban. It shows Bowe Bergdahl walking to the helicopter in relative decent health. The Obama administration has used his health as a reason for not following the law that requires informing congress of the swap. Turns out they lied.

Another lie. The first is Susan Rice telling us he served with “honor and distinction”. Another lie is that the Taliban 5 will be well monitored in Qatar. About the same time the President was telling this lie, Rueters was putting out a story about just how little supervision is going to be there for the Taliban Dream Team.

Next lie to be debunked will be the notion that there was a change in status for the Taliban 5. The President says they are not as dangerous and could be traded. Two years ago, they were too dangerous to trade. The administration has evidently chosen to ignore the experts on these men and relabeled them as docile jihadists in order to trade him for Bowe Bergdahl. Now that some of the most dangerous have left Gitmo, most others will follow.

Obama and his administration had planned that his Rose Garden moment with the parents of Bowe would make him look like he really cares about our troops. It was designed to divert attentions away from the VA scandal. They expected the press to be compliant and play it like they planned. Too bad a lot of info is coming out to debunk the lies.


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Bowe Bergdahl

Posted by madjillmom on June 3, 2014

He was young. He was evidently raised by a pretty weird dad. Homeschooled. Bright but maybe somehow off? He joined. He was not drafted.

My own sons (3) are in the active duty military. One has been deployed. They have all been disappointed and discouraged in their respective branches and in the military. They did not walk off. If they did, they would be prosecuted.

Lots of bad stuff coming out about this young man. Bringing him home is good. But trading him for 5 high value detainees is really bad. If Special Forces knew where he was, why didn’t they go get him? Why trade?

Why have a rose garden ceremony with Pres. Obama? Why have non-disclosure agreements with his unit to keep things quiet? Why didn’t the White House read the Rolling Stone article? They sure read the one about McCrystal real quick? Why send out Susan Rice with some more really bad information?

So many questions…

Will there ever be answers?

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End the War not Win the War

Posted by madjillmom on October 20, 2012

I really do not like it when Obama says he will “end the war” rather than “win the war”. I realize that we are a war-weary nation and the war in Afghanistan has gone on too long.  Still, let’s at least give lip service to winning.  I actually don’t think that Obama can say “win the war”.  It goes against his grain just like saying end the war goes against mine.

I also wonder how the loved ones of those who have sacrificed all feel with end it instead of win it. I would wonder if that makes them feel like the loss is in any way justified.

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Attack in Yemen

Posted by madjillmom on October 11, 2012

On the anniversary of the USS Cole Bombing, a Yemeni citizen who was responsible for security at the US Embassy is murdered by a greatly diminished Al Qaeda.  I am surprised that the Obama administration isn’t telling us it was a silly YouTube movie,

Meanwhile, back around the globe, Syria and Turkey are fighting, Moscow is sending missile parts to Syria and Turkey finds the plane filled with those parts,  and there is no clear mission in Afghanistan due to escalating killings of our troops by the ANA/Afghani police yet we are still leaving on Obama’s 2014 schedule. Oh, yeah, yesterday Sec. of Defense announce that we have soldiers on the ground in Jordan on the Syria border trying to figure out where Syria’s WMD stocks are. Anyone else a bit concerned about this announcement?

Hillary/Biden/Obama are standing by while things grow more and more unstable, just hoping to hold the lid on the boiling pot until after Obama is re-elected in November. Someone like a real journalist should ask them why they think they are doing well in foreign policy and smart diplomacy.

Big Bird must be really happy.

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Afghanistan Surge is Over

Posted by madjillmom on October 1, 2012

Sec. of Defense Leon Panetta announce about two weeks ago that the surge in Afghanistan was over and that there are only pre-surge levels of troops on the ground.  Announcing to Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and the Haqqani Network that there is a limited time to kill the remaining troops, seems a strange thing to me. So, the Obama Administration is announcing the surge is over, but they aren’t announcing the surge worked. It didn’t. This is mostly due to the fact that the surge was so greatly reduced from the amount that the Generals wanted. So it was a greatly reduced surge, costing lots of treasure and money, that really didn’t improve anything in Afghanistan.

If it had worked, PresBO would be running around patting himself on his back. Not happening. Only getting worse by the day. Remember, this is the war Obama chose to support.

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