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Obama Doesn’t Want a Balanced Approach

Posted by madjillmom on November 28, 2012

Republicans are giving in. The much vaunted balanced approach is no more. Obama now only wants tax increases. He won’t bargain with any spending cuts. So much for cutting entitlements or other government programs.  The President has lots of power and he was never serious about cutting spending. So much for a “balanced approach”.

He even said he would not sign a bill that wasn’t balanced. He will sign the bill to tax the rich without balance. No one in the press will call them on this blatant irresponsibility.

We aren’t going to have any meaningful cuts. We are going to feed the beast and screw our children and grandchildren. Kick the can down the road. Don’t fix the problems. Cutting spending is not a Democratic priority and never will be. Erskine Bowles said it would not be a good idea, but the Dems won’t listen to him.


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Obama got Foriegn Scholarships

Posted by madjillmom on August 6, 2012

Because Harry Reid, Democratic Senator and Majority Leader in the Senate, gets to spread rumors about Romney and then call on Romney to disprove the rumors, I have a green light to do the same with Obama.

“Someone” told me Obama applied to all the 3 colleges he attended as a foreign-born person and received scholarships he was not eligible for. Kind of like Elizabeth Warren taking a job from a real American Indian. Further, Obama was an aveage student at those colleges. His SAT, ACT, and LSAT scores were horrible but he got in under the banner of “foreign-born”.

Prove that this isn’t the case, PresBO.  Release all your college records, let us see your applications, grades, scholarship rewards, dissertations, and course of study. If the onus is on Romney to disprove Reid’s allegation, the onus is on you to disprove my allegation.

Harry Reid is a dirty liar and should issue an apology to Mitt Romney right now.  Further, “someone” told me Harry Reid is a pederast.

All this means that the Dems are desperate.  They will lie more and more.  Harry Reid is going down. Obama is going down. They can’t take the high road because they can’t risk losing.

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Senators and Planes

Posted by madjillmom on March 23, 2011

How many Senators have airplanes?  Ok, not exactly have airplanes.  Maybe a lot of Senators just have a little company on the side that owns the plane.  The name of the company isn’t probably Senator Joe Blow’s Plane Rental LLC.   Then they “rent” the plane to their campaign or office and maybe only their office.  That is one way to buy a plane.  If you have a plane that requires $80,000 in property taxes a year, that must be a pretty neat plane.  I would really like a further explanation of this, but Senator Kerry was out on his yacht and I wasn’t able to ask him.

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King Obama

Posted by madjillmom on February 23, 2011

When the Founding Fathers put together the basis and structure of our government by writing the Constitution, the called for a government with three separate branches, each with their own roles to play.  For those who vote for Democrats, those branches are the legislative (House and Senate), the judiciary (Supreme Court), and the executive (President).  This system provides for check and balances so no one branch gets too much power.

Today, the Executive Branch, King Obama, and his lefty Attorney General Eric Holder, have announced that they do not like a law passed when Clinton was President.  Holder and King Obama have decided that the law is unconstitutional so the Justice Department will not do prosecute based on this law.  Someone call the Supreme Court and let them know they aren’t needed anymore.  Someone notify the House and Senate that their laws are not to be followed at the whim of the King.

Eric Holder has already shown that his department is not interested in prosecuting the laws equally in the New Black Panther case of voter indimidation.  Now there is another law they intend to ignore.  The Defense of Marriage Act is a state’s rights issue that the King does not agree with.  The King has been hinting at his royal evolution on this matter for a while now.  Perhaps he will come out with a scroll and read a new edict on the matter.

The Constitutional Professor now King has decided that the Constitution isn’t that important.  There need be no 3 branches anymore.

The Constitution is being shredded by our King. Can revolution be far behind?

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Republicans with Backbones

Posted by madjillmom on February 17, 2011

New Jersey Gov. Christie pirouettes on the third rail of politics and shuts down a tunnel project because it costs too much.  Florida Gov. Scott tells the Obama administration that they don’t want a high-speed rail boondoggle that will cost the state too much money.  Wisconsin Gov. Walker wants to stop collective bargaining by teachers (calling in sick and protesting).  He wants them to pay some of their health insurance costs and contribute more to their over-inflated pensions.  He may call out the National Guard.

Note to the Republicans in DC:  Be bold.  Do not back down.  Obama and crew want you to serve up the bad tasting medicine.  Do it. The federal government has hijacked my kids’ futures.  Be bold on their behalf.  STARVE THE BEAST!!!  Restore their future.

Note to the Whiners:  Quit whining.  WE ARE BROKE!!!

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State of the Union Thoughts

Posted by madjillmom on January 26, 2011

  • Boring and out of sync.  The usual applause lines were stepped on as the standing and cheering was different.
  • Unnecessary Parenting Advice – Teach your children to worship the science fair winner instead of the basketball players he loves.  Make your kids do their homework.  Move to schools with nearby gangs because they become better schools.
  • Career Advice:  Become a teacher because all our teachers are really old and will be retiring soon.  Go to college.  The government will give you money.  Don’t worry that the education may cost more than you will ever get out of it.
  • A Trip Down Memory Lane:  Sputnik, getting a job in the local factory without college, the Transcontinental Railroad, the Interstate Highways, etc.
  • Illegal Aliens pledge allegiance to the flag but might be deported anyway, at the schools that still allow the Pledge to be said.
  • Rebuild America for the 21st Century, patch roads, high-speed internet to all (still waiting).  Didn’t this all get done with the Stimulus?  I guess not.
  • Now that the Dems and I have rammed Obamacare through, I am now willing to listen to other ideas and concerns that I already heard but ignored before signing it into law.
  • Debt is a bad thing.  Let’s freeze spending at an unsustainable level and call that good enough.  But wait, let’s invest in infrastructure and high-speed rail to 80% of Americans.
  • Tax the Rich.  I won’t be happy until I can take more money from the rich and give it to people who don’t do much.
  • Government should function well.  Kinda like the oil spill last spring.  Salmon shouldn’t have to go to three or more agencies to be eaten.  Perhaps he should have an agency devoted to Salmon.  All the people who work for the three agencies can then go to work for the Salmon  Agency.
  • Muslims are part of America.  Al Queda is bad.  Taliban is bad.
  • Iran and North Korea shouldn’t have nuclear weapons.  No plan.
  • Support our troops made up of diversity.  Allow ROTC on Ivy League campuses like the one I attended.  Put the recruiting booths right next to the Gay and Lesbian Club booths as they are now drawing from the same pool.
  • Let Illegal Aliens become citizens.
  • Reform Social Security but do not put anything or anyone at risk.
  • Five Pillars of Plans.  Pres. Obama is fond of pillars.  They look real good in stadiums.
  • Things we didn’t hear:  $3 gallon gas, foreclosures, unemployment statistics, the value of the dollar, food shortages across the world, where to cut, the killing of Christians in the Middle East, wage stagnation, Fannie and Freddie, Pension Time Bomb, Higher Education Bubble, the scary picture of Lil’ Wayne on Rolling Stone, Just for Men Haircolor…

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The Banks Vs. Congress

Posted by madjillmom on October 12, 2010

The Congress is deeply concerned that the greedy banks did not read the foreclosure documents and essentially robo-signed the forms.  The Dems are hoping that coming to the rescue of those not paying their mortgages will benefit them.  OMG, isn’t this what Congress did for Obamacare, Stimulus, and Financial Reform?  People in glass houses shouldn’t cast the first stone.

I await news that a family that has been faithfully paying the mortgage on their home has been cast out into the mean streets.  Good paperwork is an overriding concern, but not paying your mortgage should put you into foreclosure.  Those who pay their mortgage do not want to pay for others to live for free in a house they can’t afford.

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The World is in the Very Best of Hands

Posted by madjillmom on September 28, 2010

The United Nations has appointed an official point person to greet any incoming aliens.

The Democrats are inviting Stephen Colbert to pontificate on migrant farm workers.

Priorities are really an issue here and in the world.

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Barney Frank and Chris Dodd Make New Financial Regulation Law

Posted by madjillmom on June 25, 2010

Oh, great. The same people who let Fannie and Freddie become the largest tax payer drains are now giving us another 2000 page bill on financial regulation. Even they say that they do not know how it will work until it is in place. Another law filled with intended and unintended consequences. Both will bite us on the ass. Plus, Dodd and Frank didn’t see fit to rain in the losses from Fannie and Freddie again. Another economy killer. Yea!! Obama was up and out early touting the bill that he will of course sign asap. Wonder if anyone read it?

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Obama Kicking Ass Part 2

Posted by madjillmom on June 24, 2010

So Obama kicked McChrystal ass. Don’t feel to great about that.

However, he should now kick some more ass. His legs are going to get tired. Here is a short list of who and why:

  • Afghan Ambassador Eickenberry – discord with the Plan in Afghanistan
  • Sheriff Joe – flapping his gums about pullout date for Afghanistan and for being a joke to everyone
  • Special Envoy Richard Holbrooke – nonperformance
  • Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood – recent remarks about lousy economy (truth to power or slip of the tongue)
  • Interior Secretary Salazar – oil drilling moratorium report, and nonperformance
  • Speech Writers – shirtless beer pong pictures during oil spill
  • Himself – No apology to Gen. David Petraeus for dissing him while a Senator
  • Whoever Ran the First Time Home Buyer’s Credit – prisoners from prison claimed and got the credit to the tune of $9 million
  • Labor Secretary Hilda Solis – for worrying about and putting out a video telling Illegals that they deserve a proper wage while wage laws only apply to those working legally in the United States
  • Rahm Emanuel – for Blago involvement and saying BP Execs shouldn’t have leisure time while BHO was out on the golf course again
  • Budget Director Peter Orszag – for deserting a sinking economic ship
  • Democrat Congress – for not submitting a budget because they can’t stand the bad press their numbers would get

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