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Offending the British

Posted by madjillmom on June 18, 2010

I guess that the congressional committee wanted to offend the populace of Britain. Not to mention screwing pensioners all other the world.

I believe they should have known that the BP’s people would not be able to say too much about their liability in the Oil Spill. No one should believe otherwise.

BP has more American employees than British employees.

Was it worth it to get your ugly mug on television, Mr. Waxman? I do not think so. Did it do anything to help the people of the gulf coast or stop the oil? No.


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Clinton offers Bribe to Sestak

Posted by madjillmom on May 28, 2010

Ok, something doesn’t pass the smell test here. Rahm Emanuel sends Bill Clinton to Joe Sestak to try to talk him out of running against old fool, Arlen Specter. Bill Clinton offers a position on an unpaid advisory board to the President. If that is what was offered, they must think Sestak is an idiot. Maybe they could have offered him one of the janitorial jobs around the oval office. Something doesn’t seem even remotely plausible here. What prestige is there being on an advisory board compared to possibly becoming a US Senator? Particularly since Obama has about a thousand advisers and committee groups supposedly advising him.

Next time, offer him a bag of old Halloween candy.

So much for changing the tone and ways of Washington.

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Congressional Gum Flapping on Oil Spill

Posted by madjillmom on May 12, 2010

While Congress certainly has the right and even responsibility to hold hearings on the BP oil explosion and spill, doing it now is just grandstanding. They called the warring parties together yesterday in a dog and pony show that does nothing to clean up one drop of oil. It is too early to determine a cause or assess blame. Why to they do this? To grab power and headlines. When a postmortem is done on this situation, a government agency or two will be partially at fault. It is just like Freddy and Fannie, lots of finger-pointing and no real action. What a waste of time. Remember this during upcoming primaries and in November.

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