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ISIS Dildo Flag, Dignity, and Gay Marriage

Posted by madjillmom on June 28, 2015

Within hours of being told by that very dignified Supreme Court that Gay Marriage is a matter of Dignity for their community, a gay pride march or celebration included an ISIS look-alike flag covered in Dildos. Thank goodness the gay community can now lay claim to the dignity denied them before with feather boas and ISIS Dildo Flags.


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The Bus to Re-Education Camp

Posted by madjillmom on June 27, 2015

After viewing post after post in rainbow hews on FaceBook, I knew this call would come. It came, and I was instructed to go to the nearest re-education camp bus depot. But now I have to decide which bus I must board first. Here are my choices:

Lane 1 – You Must !Celebrate! Same Sex Marriage

Lane 2 – Agree with Obama’s Policies or You are a Bigot

Lane 3 – Confederate Flags Are the Problem

Lane 4 – Guns Are the Problem

Lane 5 – Global Climate Change is Biggest Threat Ever

Lane 6 – Obamacare is Working Just Like Obama Said it Would

There is a Lane 7. They were making the sign. Here is what it says: Agree with Pres. Hillary Policies or You Hate Women

I must fall in line or be ostracized. Good thing I packed a big suitcase.

I wanted to put this on FaceBook, but I am not as brave as those courageous and brave people who fought tirelessly for 10 whole years to change traditional marriage to be allowed to marry someone they love. Good Luck. I hope you will all be very happy.

#LoveWins and Tradition Dies

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Gay Marriage and Bi-Sexuals

Posted by madjillmom on June 26, 2015

Ok, the President just gave a mighty shout out to the LGBT community praising them for changing the meaning of marriage in a whopping 10 year span. They were so patient while constantly pushing, pushing for this new right. Ok, the the G and the L can now marry. How long until the B community decides they must have the right to choose their mate based on their love of both sexes?

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The New Marriage vs. Religious Freedom

Posted by madjillmom on June 26, 2015

Pres. Obama made a victory speech yesterday after the Obamacare ruling came down. Again today, he made a victory speech. Within two hours he will be at the pulpit at the funeral of the minister of the AME Church in Charleston. Will this new “law by Supreme Court” require the next minister at this church perform gay wedding? Obama touted this ruling as making us more free. Will those with religious convictions about this issue have more freedom?

Now that the battle for Gay Marriage is over, what will they want next. Total acceptance or you are a bigot.

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Marine in Mexican Jail and Gays in the NFL

Posted by madjillmom on May 20, 2014

Another young man who serves in the Marines has ended up in a Mexican jail cell because he had guns in his vehicle and made a wrong turn. His mother is begging people to go to and sign a petition to get Obama’s attention. I am sure Obama will turn his attention to the issue after another exhaustive search into the sex lives of the NFL draft is completed. He wants to make sure he has called all the gays serving on the football field and basketball court to tell them how brave they are. Then he might have a little time before his golf game to give a call to his counterpart in Mexico or maybe he could call the family of the Marine and tell them he is planning on getting around to doing something about it.

Maybe his mother should tell everyone that her son is gay. That might work.


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Duck Dynasty and Modern Family

Posted by madjillmom on December 24, 2013

The minute I heard about the brouhaha with Phil Robertson, I sent off a letter to A & E. I am supportive of the Robertsons. I watch their show. It is a great mix of ruggedness, business, faith and odd folks that are easy to like. You can watch it an laugh with them. You never hear a cuss word and you never hear meanness. I particularly love and wince at the exchanges between loving brothers, a testosterone driven one-upmanship that mirrors our own three sons.

Lately, I have a new addiction on TV. It is Modern Family. Modern Family features lots of likable characters, including a gay couple working out their own lives. It is charming and funny.

Our culture, pushed to the limit, pushes acceptance of gayness into our face. Simple acceptance of “live and let live” is not enough for GLAAD and P-FLAG. Evidently, they want all of us to believe that gay is mainstream. Is it? While I am happy that no one in today’s America must live in “the closet”, while I am happy that sitcoms can come up with funny couples that provoke though, I am also alarmed at the political clout of a minority of gay rights groups. When will they be happy with me? Must I evolve to their group think, the exact opposite of group think of the past that kept gays in the closet?  Will they only be happy when sin has been redefined and no one is a sinner? I am a sinner and fall short. So is Phil Robertson, and so is the gay guy down the street.



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Chick-Fil-A and Chicago’s Mayor

Posted by madjillmom on July 27, 2012

Chicago has a lot of problems.  Rampant crime and a bankrupt government come to mind.  Not to mention a corrupt Democratic machine that controls everything.  Murders and shootings are huge and not going down.  Yet strangely, Mayor Rahm Emanuel is really concerned about Chick-Fil-A’s president’s opinion on traditional marriage.  What a bunch of hooey.

Now the gays have decided to have a kiss-in at the restaurant.  That’s also really nice. Rahm, perhaps you should worry about the gangs shooting people tonight and not the Christians selling great chicken sandwiches.  Maybe you should call the gay group having a kiss-in and suggest that they don’t do that.  The black gangs won’t like the gay kiss-in.  They might bring guns and shot some gay couples.  I can promise you that it won’t be the Christian restaurant owners who will cause you any problems.

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Chick-Fil-A and Gay Marriage

Posted by madjillmom on July 25, 2012

I was listening to Glenn Beck the other day about Chick-Fil-A and the brouhaha over their support of traditional marriage.  Beck was asking why support for traditional marriage is construed as hatred of gays and discrimination of gays. I think people are just taking a page out of Obama’s book. Obama runs around every day telling us that Republicans are against regulations.  What Republicans want is common sense and necessary regulations that don’t strangle business and enterprise.  Republicans don’t want no regulations. Obama always uses this type of all or nothing argument.

Now, Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel and the mayor of Boston tell  us that Chick-Fil-A is not welcome because they are for traditional marriage.  These cities will turn away a business and good food to gin up this argument that support of traditional marriage is gay hatred.  This type of boycott is really stupid. I guess the Catholic Church and all Mosques are not welcome in Chicago and Boston.

So now it is ok to discriminate against corporations and individuals if they don’t tow the party line. You are not allow to think your way, you must think my way.  We don’t like your kind around here.  You support traditional marriage.

I love Chick-Fil-A.  I have never been asked by their employees if I am gay or if I am a supporter of gay marriage. They have their views and they do not discriminate in their service. Being against gay marriage doesn’t mean you hate gay people.

I will bet that the Justice Department will soon file suit against a Christian Chick-Fil-A franchisee for not hiring a young gay person or a person in a gay marriage.

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The King’s Priorities

Posted by madjillmom on February 23, 2011

Today, as he was getting fitted for his new crown, Pres. Obama issued a proclamation on Gay Marriage.  Good move.  This will probably make all us serfs forget about this other stuff because we were really concerned about the Defense of Marriage Act and the oppressive hand of government on such matters:

Anemic Recovery + High Unemployment + Higher and Higher Gas Prices

Libya, Egypt,Various other Middle East Nations, and Iranian Warships going through the Suez Canal

LiLo’s possible jail sentence for stealing some jewelry

Two Wars

Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana and the workers versus Government employee’s unions

High Commodity Prices and Possible Food Shortages in the World

Earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand

Gosh, the King is a genius.  After we all went back to a contented state of denial, the King came out and addressed the situation in Libya.  I am not certain what he said, but I am sure it solved things over there.  Carry on, serfs.  Nothing to see here.

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State of the Union Thoughts

Posted by madjillmom on January 26, 2011

  • Boring and out of sync.  The usual applause lines were stepped on as the standing and cheering was different.
  • Unnecessary Parenting Advice – Teach your children to worship the science fair winner instead of the basketball players he loves.  Make your kids do their homework.  Move to schools with nearby gangs because they become better schools.
  • Career Advice:  Become a teacher because all our teachers are really old and will be retiring soon.  Go to college.  The government will give you money.  Don’t worry that the education may cost more than you will ever get out of it.
  • A Trip Down Memory Lane:  Sputnik, getting a job in the local factory without college, the Transcontinental Railroad, the Interstate Highways, etc.
  • Illegal Aliens pledge allegiance to the flag but might be deported anyway, at the schools that still allow the Pledge to be said.
  • Rebuild America for the 21st Century, patch roads, high-speed internet to all (still waiting).  Didn’t this all get done with the Stimulus?  I guess not.
  • Now that the Dems and I have rammed Obamacare through, I am now willing to listen to other ideas and concerns that I already heard but ignored before signing it into law.
  • Debt is a bad thing.  Let’s freeze spending at an unsustainable level and call that good enough.  But wait, let’s invest in infrastructure and high-speed rail to 80% of Americans.
  • Tax the Rich.  I won’t be happy until I can take more money from the rich and give it to people who don’t do much.
  • Government should function well.  Kinda like the oil spill last spring.  Salmon shouldn’t have to go to three or more agencies to be eaten.  Perhaps he should have an agency devoted to Salmon.  All the people who work for the three agencies can then go to work for the Salmon  Agency.
  • Muslims are part of America.  Al Queda is bad.  Taliban is bad.
  • Iran and North Korea shouldn’t have nuclear weapons.  No plan.
  • Support our troops made up of diversity.  Allow ROTC on Ivy League campuses like the one I attended.  Put the recruiting booths right next to the Gay and Lesbian Club booths as they are now drawing from the same pool.
  • Let Illegal Aliens become citizens.
  • Reform Social Security but do not put anything or anyone at risk.
  • Five Pillars of Plans.  Pres. Obama is fond of pillars.  They look real good in stadiums.
  • Things we didn’t hear:  $3 gallon gas, foreclosures, unemployment statistics, the value of the dollar, food shortages across the world, where to cut, the killing of Christians in the Middle East, wage stagnation, Fannie and Freddie, Pension Time Bomb, Higher Education Bubble, the scary picture of Lil’ Wayne on Rolling Stone, Just for Men Haircolor…

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