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Lost Gains in Iraq vs. Obama’s Good War in Afghanistan

Posted by madjillmom on October 3, 2014

It was a bit comical last night to see Jen Psaki (State Department Spokeswoman) being interviewed by Megyn Kelly last night. Megyn was asking about the bombshell from Leon Panetta about why Obama left Iraq against lots of advice not to. Jen Psaki kept saying that leaving 10,000 wouldn’t have been able to keep Iraq stable and free of ISIS/ISIL. Kept repeating that many troops would have been ineffective. The Pentagon wanted to leave behind 24000 troops and Maliki turned down Obama’s offer of 5000 troops left in Iraq. This is at the very same time that the Obama administration announces a Status of Forces agreement with Afghanistan of less than 10,000 troops.

So Obama left Iraq because of politics according to Panetta. He didn’t try very hard to leave forces in Iraq even though he and Hillary had lots of leverage. But Obama now thinks less than 10,000 can stay behind in Afghanistan and keep his “good war” gains in place. Jen Psaki also praised John Kerry’s brilliant effort in securing a less than 10,000 troops agreement. Jen Psaki kept telling Megyn that even the surge of troops was unable to contain Al Qaeda. How exactly did the story change during late 2011 that Al Qaeda was decimated. Lots of different stories out of this administration.


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The Consequences of Wars Ended

Posted by madjillmom on August 20, 2014

I am pretty certain that Obama didn’t spend a lot of time paying attention to his history teachers. He was born in the era of Vietnam and only really thinks that wars are “ended”.

Enter ISIS, a bloodthirsty barbarian non-state Army. They don’t care that Obama said the War in Iraq was over. They won’t care that Obama has decided a date to end the War in Afghanistan. All the extremist of Islam don’t buy into the War being OVER. They have just waited nearby until the coast is clear, training, teaching their children to hate, and raising money. Obama seems to not understand that the Wars aren’t over at his date certain. Even in the 50’s, the Korean War was a draw, but the US understood that there must be soldiers left behind to keep the situation from degrading. Now there is a void. A strong America is no more, so others are stepping into that void. Putin and ISIS are on the rise because there is no strong America to push back.

The Communists and Barbarians don’t think like Obama. Their wars are won, not ended.

I hope that the death of the American journalist James Foley has not been in vain.

Perhaps Obama should stop saying there will be no “boots on the ground” every chance he gets. It sends a message of weakness that others are happy to exploit.

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Mob Rule in America and the World

Posted by madjillmom on August 17, 2014

It is a great shame that a young man is dead. But it happened. He played a part in his death. He was walking down the middle of the road and was asked or told to move to the sidewalk. He was also involved in stealing from a local store. Certainly nothing that would need to lead to death. Why didn’t he just walk on the sidewalk? Why didn’t he just get arrested for shoplifting and assault and go to jail for a few days? So now, the mob rules Ferguson, Missouri. Police tried to tamp it down. Then they tried being nice because the community was grieving. They need to riot to make this better. They need to loot and destroy or it will all be for naught. Now, no one in Ferguson is safe. It will soon be a place with little police protection where the thugs will enjoy being thugs. 

Then, in Liberia, an Ebola clinic that just opened is shut down by a mob and the infected patients are liberated. How stupid is that. The mob of stupid people prevailed. Now, because they came in contact with infected patients, they will possibly come down with Ebola. But now, because the mob rules, there won’t be any clinics to treat them. 

Meanwhile, ISIS/ISIL is running over Iraq, killing Christians, converting others at the point of a gun.

No matter what the situation, we are pretty much impotent. Creating places where law and order are handed over to crazy people, the New Black Panther Party no rules Ferguson. The Liberian crazies are signing their own death certificates by being backward and stupid. And Obama stands by impotently while ISIS and Putin take over. 


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Did Obama Allow ISIS/ISIL Massacre?

Posted by madjillmom on August 14, 2014

Did Obama ignore the ISIS/ISIL’s progress over the last month or 6 weeks in order to use it as a threat to the bad player head of the Iraqi government, Maliki? He kept insisting that Maliki make a deal to include others in his government. So, did the President wait and allow these mass killings in order to force Maliki’s hand in the matter. How would you feel if your loved ones died while Obama was playing this game?

Now Maliki has turned over control of the government, so what now from Obama. He went into Libya on less evidence of murder/killing and royally screwed up Libya. Now he is seemingly a bit player on the stage as a really bad (worse than Al-Quada) Islamic Extremist/Terrorist group takes over.

The links are calling and Martha’s Vineyard is so pretty.

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Send Elizabeth Warren to Iraq

Posted by madjillmom on August 11, 2014

Elizabeth Warren, the future Presidential nominee, came out a few days ago and told us all that there must be a way to diplomatically handle the ISIS Army threat. I think that is a great idea. Send Elizabeth Warren, along with her ancestral tribal wisdom, to Iraq so she can reason with ISIS. Perhaps she can talk to them just after they take down the latest batch of crucified victims and just before they bury alive a few hundred Yazidis. I am sure they will listen to her.

If that doesn’t work out, maybe she can go find the 7-year-old son of an Australian Islamist fighting in Syria and change his mind about Christians and Jews. This young boy proudly used two hands to hold up the decapitated head of another Muslim that his father’s people had killed. Yeah, there must be a diplomatic way to solve this war with Barbarians.

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Army Pink Slips

Posted by madjillmom on July 10, 2014

Obama and Chuck Hagel are sending out pink slips to members of the Army. I guess they need more room for the “refugees”  to move into the military bases around the country. We keep cutting the military but Obama wants us to find borrow $3.7 billion to feed, cloth, house, and process the people coming into our country illegally. Perhaps all the Army Captains being let go could get jobs de-lousing our future citizens and changing their diapers.

Meanwhile, back in Iraq, ISIS has gotten ahold of some nuclear material.

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End the War not Win the War

Posted by madjillmom on October 20, 2012

I really do not like it when Obama says he will “end the war” rather than “win the war”. I realize that we are a war-weary nation and the war in Afghanistan has gone on too long.  Still, let’s at least give lip service to winning.  I actually don’t think that Obama can say “win the war”.  It goes against his grain just like saying end the war goes against mine.

I also wonder how the loved ones of those who have sacrificed all feel with end it instead of win it. I would wonder if that makes them feel like the loss is in any way justified.

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Joe Biden Uses the Military Dead for Politics, Too

Posted by madjillmom on September 7, 2012

Strangely, a good Catholic boy (well maybe good is too much), mentioned those who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan. How wonderful.  Problem is he called them “fallen angels”.  Not a very good term. Fallen angels are those Angels who turned away from God and went in with Satan.  Good move, Joe.  Why didn’t someone catch this. Has no one in the campaign or White House have any knowledge of the Bible?

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Military Thanks – Dinner with the President

Posted by madjillmom on February 26, 2012

One million fought in the Iraq War.  About 50 of these people are invited to the White House this week to have dinner.  One from each state, hand-picked by the heads of each service.  I wonder if this has been done before?  Thanks for sacrificing for this country and the people of Iraq.  Thanks for bearing hardship, living in hovels, getting shot at, watching your friends die, and missing your family. Here, have a Filet Mignon with PresBO and Michele.

This experience is billed as just the beginning of the thanks coming their way.  Maybe all the rest of the million will get I-Pods with PresBO’s speeches on it.

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Iranians Release Clueless Americans

Posted by madjillmom on September 21, 2011

It is great that the remaining two American hikers have been released.  Money changed hands.  Their families must be ecstatic.

NOW – What were they thinking?  Who goes hiking in a war zone?  Didn’t some alarms go off in their families when this was proposed?  What airline flies to Iraq?  Statement upon release by one of the hikers shows he is concerned about political prisoners in America?  What a bunch of crap.

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