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Ray Rice, Football, and Domestic Violence

Posted by madjillmom on September 9, 2014

Honestly, I am having a problem with all this stuff about Ray Rice. Is he getting the death penalty in football? While hitting a woman you profess to love is abhorrent, did he get due process on this matter.

1. Did Ray Rice get the same kind of treatment as any other man? He went before a court and accepted a punishment in lieu of jail. This program works with 1st time abusers to correct the situation. If Ray Rice was a truck driver, and this was  first time offense, would he have been allowed to go through the court ordered program and come out a better person for it? If Ray Rice wasn’t granted special consideration, why does he suddenly need the football death penalty?

2. How much was alcohol involved? There was an obvious verbal fight going on and there is word that she spit in his face. Spitting in someones face is a really bad thing too. Didn’t deserve what happened to her, but alcohol and action on her part did play a role.

3. The NFL wants big, macho, mean football players to make money. Does this play into the situation, too?

4. The NFL went too soft first, then too hard yesterday. They publicly stated that only after a second offense would someone face possible suspension. There is no evidence of a second offense.

5. There is an argument that Ray Rice should be held to a higher standard. Good argument. Where are those guys? Killers, dog abusers, thugs all present and accounted for.

6. Has the NFL looked at the culture that surrounds many of these young men, the misogyny, the music, the general degradation of women in culture today.

7. Since when is ESPN the arbiter of all things in our society.

8. Just would totally hate for anyone to be judged for a single act. To be judged at the lowest part of your life would be so sad.

If Ray Rice has a history of abusing women, then throw the book at him.


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Hoodie Footie

Posted by madjillmom on February 7, 2012

I don’t like the Hoodie Footie commercials.  If a man gave me the gift of a hoodie footie, I would wonder if he had a totally improper thing for 5-year-old girls.  A giant pink furry onesie doesn’t really seem like a good thing for a grown woman to wear.  Ridiculous!

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Penn State and Joe Paterno

Posted by madjillmom on November 10, 2011

Just heard Geraldo rant on about how Joe Paterno should have known about Sandusky’s pedophilia.  Somehow I have the feeling that Penn State is covering its collective ass by firing Joe Paterno.  If Joe Paterno took the issue of an assault witnessed by another current coach to his supervisors, then I am not certain he should have been canned.

Rape is a crime.  What is Penn State’s written procedure for handling a rape on campus?  Are all faculty informed of the procedures to take when a crime has been witnessed?  Universities often handle such things as sexual assault in house and then choose not to call it what it is in their crime stats. Did Penn State officials give Joe Paterno a pass on taking the training on reporting crimes because he was the vaunted football coach.   It sounds to me like officials dropped the ball on this one.  Since Joe Paterno did not witness the sexual assault, was he supposed to be the one to report it to the authorities? It seems to me that grad student should have reported the assault to the authorities.  Why he wasn’t interviewed by Campus or Community Police is strange and might be evidence of a cover-up.

This whole thing is awful, but we should remind the Trustees/Board Members that someone is innocent until proven guilty.  At this point, it seems that 4 people have been fired, and only one of them has been indicted for a crime.  Since the board knew that students were protesting already, didn’t they consider the possibility of a riot when they rushed to judgement.

It seems the least that could have happened was to investigate the entire issue and then decide who did what when.  Then if Joe Paterno did something wrong that is a firing offense.

No excuse for students to riot, but it really appears that Joe Paterno did not get due process in this firing.  It feels to me like the board is hanging these people out to dry to keep the investigation from going further.

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Valentine Presents

Posted by madjillmom on February 11, 2011

Things I Really Do Not Want for Valentine’s Day:

Any Pajamagrams but most especially the Hoodie Footie.  The sight of me head-to-toe in a fuzzy pink jumpsuit would scare any man with intentions away.  Somehow, I can’t quite see the combination of hysterical giggling combined with sweating a sexy notion.

Any Vermont Teddy Bear but most especially the Bear with a Hoodie Footie that would match the one I would have.  The whole notion of a grown woman in a hoodie footie with a dressed up teddy bear reeks of a man with issues related to pedophilia.  How can this be a good Valentine’s Day present?

The commercials for each of these products rank alongside the “Just for Men” commercials in my book for gross and creepy.

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Oprah Winfrey Network

Posted by madjillmom on January 2, 2011

I am not a fan of Oprah Winfrey.  I thought she had value for about the first 10 years.  Then she became a religion of some kind.  Now she has a whole network to save us all.  I have tuned in.  A family is resolving their hoarding/clutter issues, their communication issues, and the deadly illness issue all on their front lawn surrounded by all their stuff.  Wow.  That certainly is taking it up a notch – crying and psychoanalysis on the front yard with cameras rolling.  I think  this could fix me.  Now if I can develop a terminal disease and kick up my clutter a few levels, I too can be saved by Oprah and her minions.

All the commercials so far seem to be enabling great things also.  Nissan Leaf, fabulous Diane Sawyer, Live to you true potential, and Oprah’s best friend’s show.  So far, there aren’t any beer commercials or weight loss products being shown.

Remember, don’t watch this network unless you are an Oprah hater such as myself.  (Hate really is too strong a word for my feelings for Oprah.)  If you step inside the network, you will be sucked into the cult, fed the KoolAid, and hunted down when you wake up from the unreality to the real world.  No one can escape.  I am not sure if there is deprogramming available for this new network yet.  Perhaps there is a employment opportunity there for me.

Now there is a program on call Miracle Detectives.  Will there be long lines in Chimayo, NM, seeking cure for illness and pain?  Maybe they should have just taken the man from the last show to this place to see if it might cure his leukemia.

Update:  I have watched almost an hour of this network and I can feel myself being sucked in.  Help me…  Please make it stop….  Oh, no!  This blog could be pro-Obama by the end of the week….

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Juan Williams and NPR

Posted by madjillmom on October 21, 2010

NPR has fired Juan Williams for saying what most of us would say.  He basically said that he feels anxiety if he is on a plane with identifiable muslims (those in traditional dress).  CAIR, the most active “Muslims are Victims” group got into the mix and told NPR that Juan should be punished for what he said on The O’Reilly Factor. I think the left leaning NPR is caving to the pressure from Muslim groups who have been known to threaten anyone who says something against Islam or Muslims.  We wouldn’t want a bomb to be set off in the lobby of NPR.  I also think that the huge contribution from George Soros to hire more journalists to combat Fox is part of the mix here.

I really got my fixation on politics from listening to NPR.  This was well over 20 years ago and I could see it as a left biased entity.  NPR can now join MSNBC in the category of “totally in the pocket of the liberal left”.

I watch Juan Williams on Fox day after day.  I yell at him sometimes.  He has gotten the shaft on this deal.  I hope he sues NPR.  They have let other news analysts say outrageous things about conservatives for years with no dismissals.

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Halloween Overdose and Magazines

Posted by madjillmom on September 28, 2010

I do not like Halloween.  Never have.  I take too many magazines.  All the October issues have far too much decorating ideas featuring spiders, skulls, witches, and all manner of food prep for creepy looking stuff.

I also hate the Christmas cookie issues.  Don’t bake cookies.  At least 5 mags will have lots of cookie recipes in the December issues.  How clever.

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I am an Islamaphobe

Posted by madjillmom on August 24, 2010

Time asks the question and I have my answer.  I am an Islamaphobe.  I had some of it even before 9/11.  I have always felt irritated with a woman all covered in garb walking beside her husband dressed in shorts and tee-shirt.  That irritates me as a woman.  Why must she dress that way when he doesn’t have to.

Then there was 9/11.  At the time, I though I believed the 10% are bad extremist Muslims, the rest are peace-loving.  They pervert the religion that is peaceful.  Now, I believe the opposite is true.  I think there are precious few good Muslims.  I feel this every time I see a spokesman from the Council on American Islamic Relations or a moderate Imam traveling on the taxpayer dole.  It usually takes little time for them to show us that they have more than moderate feelings about Islam.  Today, it is a woman who works at Disney and wants to wear Islamic headscarf.  The accommodation of a bonnet to wear isn’t enough.  Next, it will be girls serving at Hooters in a burka.   No dogs or alcohol in the taxis they drive.  Separate gyms at colleges.  On and on…  little by little…  or they post themselves on TV talking about our deep hatred of muslims the world over. I do not hate them, but I am weary of them.  If you wish to live under the laws of Islam, then move to a country that follows those precepts.

Pres. Obama is now having trouble with the perception of many that he is a Muslim.  He is far too deferential to Muslims.  I am sure it is because of his upbringing and his father.  He was also very comfortable for 20 years in a church that I would never have attended twice.

In the last few weeks, I have seen a guy on Fox who does appear to be the one that really is a moderate Muslim.  I really want him to be as he seems to me now, not like all the other people who reveal themselves to be less than moderate.

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Small Video Cameras

Posted by madjillmom on June 14, 2010

A small handheld video camera is:

a drunk coeds worst nightmare
a defense against a bully
a tea party verification tool
video proof against false witness
like throwing water on the Wicked Witch of the West
a window to an old crone’s heart

I wish I had one and could use it when I feel like I need it. Especially since I am not now a drunk coed.

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AT&T Sucks

Posted by madjillmom on June 13, 2010

Once again, we are having problems with AT&T. They have promised us that we will get a discount on our cell phone service for over a year. These promises are not worth warm spit. They tell you whatever, then do not deliver. I have called AT&T once again to complain. If they do not call me back on Monday and take action, I will go postal. As a matter of fact, the post office works much better than AT&T. The DMV works better than AT&T. I want relief and the hide of all AT&T executives. Bring me a head on a platter. Now!!!

BP is doing better than AT&T. I hate AT&T!!!!

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