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Hillary Free to Do It All Again

Posted by madjillmom on July 5, 2016

She won’t pay any price for doing business the way she does. If she does become President, she will conduct everything in secret and deny all FOIA requests. Those around her will follow suit. Campaign donors, foreign donors, foundation donors will all meet with her in secret while she converts power into further wealth. We are doomed if this is how it ends up. All her minions will be receiving a paycheck from the taxpayers while also receiving paychecks from Clinton cronies and corporations. It is ridiculous that she can do business this way. Donald is right. The system is rigged. If a Republican had done this, they would be in prison.



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Rolling Stone, El Chapo, and Gen. McChrystal

Posted by madjillmom on January 12, 2016

Rolling Stone continues it downhill roll. They have published Sean Penn’s article on El Chapo. The criminal was able to approve the questions before hand and approve the article that was published, all while evading authorities on a man-hunt for him. I wonder if Gen. Stanley McChrystal would have lost his job if he was given the same treatment. Maybe he could have stripped out the offending Obama parts of the article published and kept his job. Somewhere in between all this, Rolling Stone ran a debunked article on rape at UVA.

Is there anyone in charge at Rolling Stone? If so, did they actually get a journalism degree? Is Rolling Stone selling it’s reputation to Drug Lords? I think so.

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