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Voted for Romney

Posted by madjillmom on November 5, 2012

Somehow along the way, my vote for Romney actually turned into a vote for Romney, not just a vote against Obama. He isn’t Reagan, but he is a kind and decent man with lots of experience we need to turn things around. When he picked Ryan, I got excited. Now I just want it to be over. I want Romney to win and win big. We can’t continue down the road to the cliff Obama wants us to go off. Bloated government, government dependency, higher taxes, more “investment” in losers, more demagoguing, more part-time jobs because of Obamacare, less strength abroad, and a smaller military about to go to war in Africa. Debt that makes us weak.

I want a strong America. We must get our fiscal house in order. Romney and Ryan are the guys to get this done. My birthday is Wednesday. All I want for my birthday is for Romney to be elected.


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CNN and Benghazi

Posted by madjillmom on October 28, 2012

For the last few days I have spent breakfast watching CNN Headline News.  Never saw one report on the ongoing situation of how Obama is ducking questions and his administration is bungling the whole situation. I know Fox is over-covering it, but they are the only one.  If all the networks and cable news outlets do not cover it much, Fox is the only place to go for the information. If it was Bush or a Republican, even CNN HLN would be non-stop demanding answers that to questions about what did they know and when did they know it.

It will be amazing to watch the transformation from MSM/Barack Obama Campaign to actual hectoring press if Romney wins. There will suddenly be hard-hitting questions regarding the most minor of issues. Calls for press conferences, call for firings or resignations, deep probing exposes about crony deals emanating from the White House.  I further predict that there will be some deep probing investigation of Romney even before he becomes President.


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Obama Being Clear on Benghazi

Posted by madjillmom on October 23, 2012

At the debate last night, PresBO told Romney that the “one” thing he has learned as President is to be “clear”. Wow. That is the only lesson he has learned.  If he has learned this lesson why has he not been clear on Benghazi? Why hasn’t he come forth with the timeline and what they knew and when they knew it? Because it doesn’t make sense, it will hurt his campaign, and he can’t ever admit a mistake.

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Obama Doesn’t Play by the Rules

Posted by madjillmom on October 21, 2012

Every day, Obama goes out and tells people that Romney will allow rich people to play by different rules.  This is not true. However, it is clear that Obama doesn’t play by the same rules as other campaigns for President. He readily accepts donations from foreign sources which is illegal.  For last month, Breitbart is reporting that the Obama campaign reports that over $2 million came in from people too stupid to know their zip codes (otherwise know as illegal foreign influence). How can that be? Well, first you suspend all security in accepting donation so that foreign sources can donate.  Then, you look the other way.  Romney and McCain didn’t use this loophole to accept unverified donations.

So, either donors to Obama are stupid or Obama and his campaign know that this is happening.  Thus they are not playing by the rules. Obama won the last campaign this way, and he and his billion dollars in donations wants to buy the Presidency again.

Plus, there is a report that the UN is endorsing Obama. No coincidence there. Maybe we should check his donation records and see who Putin, Chavez, and the Castro brothers donate to.

Will the Federal Election Committee do something about this? Not likely.

Other funny money questions surrounding Obama:

There was a shortfall of 15 million in donations for the Democrat’s Convention. Where will this money come from? They said they wouldn’t fund with Corporate funds, but they did? Will contractors get stiffed by the Billion Dollar Obama Campaign?

The Obama Campaign borrowed money from the Bank of America last month. Why? They have earned more money than any other campaign ever.

Can Obama buy a $40 million retirement house in Hawaii with his Victory Fund (financed by corporations) if he loses?

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Mitt Romney is Very Handsome

Posted by madjillmom on October 21, 2012

I can’t help it. This feeling has been growing over the last few months. He always looks nice in his jeans and white shirt with the sleeves rolled up. The deciding factor was seeing him at the Al Smith Dinner in white tie and tux or tails. His delivery of joke after joke was Bob Hope but his look was strictly Cary Grant. And as all my friends and family know, that is the penultimate of handsome to me. I am not voting for him because he is handsome, this is just an extra bonus. I just think that I should come clean with an attraction to a 65-year-old man.

By the way, before anyone jumps on me, Obama is also a handsome man. Not my type, but very definitely handsome. I can also say that both the wives are beautiful and all the children are handsome or in the Obama girls case, growing into lovely young women.

Remember, vote with your Lady Smarts, not your Lady Parts!

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Binders, Big Bird, and Benghazi

Posted by madjillmom on October 20, 2012

The libs in the press are trying to tell us just how terrible it was for Romney to refer to binders full of women. In the same breath, they tell us that bumps in the road that aren’t optimal are really nothing to make a big deal about. Then they scold us for talking about stuff that doesn’t matter. Then they tell us that Benghazi is nothing and Big Bird is everything.  Generally it is so incredible that they demand substance from us, and nothing but frivolous fluff from the President.

Once again, the crazy feminists are seeing slight where there is none. The “women as victims” thing is so old.

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Romney is Endearingly Funny

Posted by madjillmom on October 19, 2012

My husband and I watched most of the clip of Romney cutting up at the Al Smith dinner in New York City last night. He was very funny with a little Bob Hope timing thrown in. He skewered the press, Obama, and Biden. Look it up and give it a view if you need a few laughs.

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Is Romney Going to Win?

Posted by madjillmom on October 18, 2012

I have been becoming more optimistic about a Romney/Ryan win. But I still worry a lot. New evidence is seen each day when I watch the Five on Fox. Bob Beckel is so bummed, I think he knows people that are saying it. It is a bit sad, but I want Bob to be super-bummed for the next 8 years.

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Can Obama’s Victory Fund be Used for Personal Expenses

Posted by madjillmom on October 18, 2012

I have been checking on the Obama Victory Fund.  At the end of June, it had $39 million.  So it is probably $45 million now. Can this be used to buy a mansion in Hawaii? There are a lot of internet posts about the purchase of a $40 million mansion next to the University of Hawaii.

Also, I just read that Obama has doubled his net worth while President and his retirement fund is larger than Romney’s.  Wonder about all this.  What do you think? It’s a pretty large slush fund. How big is Romney’s Victory Fund?

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2nd Presidential Debate – My Pipeline is Bigger than Your Pipeline

Posted by madjillmom on October 17, 2012

Watching the coverage. Here are my thoughts:

Energetic is the talking point of the night re: Obama – I imagine the introduction followed by three cartwheels around the stage for Obama.

Many wish for there to be much discussion about women’s issues. I am hoping there aren’t any. All issues are women’s issues. It isn’t about our reproductive organs.

Jobs for College Graduates- Obama says the guy has a great future, then talks manufacturing, training for people, green energy, tax the rich, investing in rebuilding with war money.  Obama also talks about bailing out GM.

Reducing the price of Gas – Romney speaks of  pipeline and Obama calls Romney a liar. Tell Romney he killed a coal plant while he is killing lots of coal plants. Romney is getting bold. Then Obama says his pipeline is bigger and longer than Romney’s pipeline. Further, he blames cheaper gas four years ago on a tanked economy. We still have a bad economy, so why is gas doubled?

Tax Reform – Romney is doing well.  Waiting for Obama to call him a liar. Obama just threw Clinton under the bus too. Middle class getting hurt for decades. Tax the rich.

The BS Female are Victims and Unequal from the Silly Girl – Obama raised by single mother. Grandmother worked hard and hit the ceiling. Romney talks the economy and his record with women. Obama rebuts with lady parts argument.

Another BS Question from a Bush Hater who is “undecided”. Yeah, right: She is the plant, the so-called undecided who will vote for Obama. Will the Bush haters ever get over it?  Obama is good at blaming Bush. She will like that.  If Candy and her helpers chose this woman to ask “how aren’t you the awful Bush?” then I believe that they are in tank for Obama.  Bush = Republican = Bad is 2nd nature for PresBO.

Black guy asks What has Obama done for him because he isn’t too optimistic and things cost too much – Barack killed Osama Bin Laden. Romney goes over PresBO broken promises.

What about hard-working illegal immigrants? Another plant. Obama says we are a nation of laws so he went around our laws and did it on his own.

Who Denied Security to Libyan Ambassador? – Obama tells us we are going to get to the bottom of this sometime after the election when he doesn’t have to worry about it. He is putting extra security after the fact. Tell us it is Romney’s fault for speaking too soon. Candy help PresBO but gives bad info. Obama is offended that someone should think he told a lie to cover up the terror attack. Very prickly.

Gun Control – Another clueless Questions straight from the mouth of another “undecided” liberal. Assault weapons ban isn’t on the list of any people with a brain right now. Now Obama wants to get cheap handguns included in the ban in Chicago.  They are already banned in Chicago.  Gun bans don’t work. Romney mentions Fast and Furious. Obama pushes for extra time to tell us that if we get kids to study science, assault weapons will actually ban themselves. Or the young scientists might just design a phaser to kill people. Candy is now treating the President like a mental patient who wants his jello.

Outsourcing Jobs – Romney’s good point of high business taxes, too many regulations, Obamacare as deterrent.

PresBO showed up. Romney was aggressive. Fact checkers will be doing some real work tomorrow.

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