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Obama and the Venezuelan Insurance Companies

Posted by madjillmom on November 14, 2013

King Obama has issued an edict. Delay the cancellation notices. Put them off until next year, just like the employee mandate. They cause pain for the Democrats that supported the bill and rammed it down our throats. He snaps his finger and changes the bill. It is the law of the land, but Obama can change it with the snap of his fingers. When Republicans wanted change, there were house burners and arsonists. But Obama is doing badly, so just change it to suit him.

In Venezuela, Pres. Chavez took over the oil fields. The current Hugo Chavez II has taken over several other industries as the state of the Venezuelan economy continues its tailspin. Earlier this year, they took over the toilet paper companies. Now, Obama tells the insurance companies to stop canceling policies his law require be cancelled. He wants to stop the unpleasant effects of Obamacare, just like with the delay of the employer mandate. What will delaying these parts of the law do? Most of the unpleasant parts of Obamacare must be delayed, so the Dems don’t lose in November. Meanwhile, back in the real world, the costs of Obamacare are mounting, the numbers are collapsing the fallacy that medical care can be free if I pay a whole lot more for what I get.


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Screwed by Obamacare

Posted by madjillmom on November 14, 2013

We have been notified that our current insurance will go up by about $120 per month. This is an increase of $1440 per year. So now, our two person policy will cost over $11,000 per year. So, another Obama promise has reached its expiration date. Remember when he said we will save money on our premiums. A family would save $2500 per year. So we should have saved about $1250 per year. Instead, we are paying $1440 more a year. That means that we will be losing $2690 per year on insurance.

Our insurance will have all the minimums that Obama says I have to have. I will have maternity care for the new undocumented immigrant who lives down the street. I will have unlimited rehab for my cousin Percy the addict. I will have dental and vision for all the 12 and unders who live in the nation. It is a one size fits all version of what healthcare the government thinks you should have. Obama has decided that we need all these things and it should be “free”. But it isn’t free. I will be paying for all this stuff I do not need.

I really resent that we get to pay for all this free stuff for others. Meanwhile, that artistic couple with little income is getting our tax dollars as a subsidy to buy some insurance of their own. They are doing what they love, making little money, but thats ok. My husband and I will help them pay for it.

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ObamaCare Promises: Lies or Ignorance

Posted by madjillmom on November 5, 2013

If you like your plan, you can keep your plan. Period.

It was a lie. That is the best take on it. They lied to get the bill passed on a party line vote. They lied to the public to win reelection. They lied and counted on a compliant, worshipping press to go along with it.

Otherwise, they are ignorant.

Someone ask Obama how it was going to cost nothing to cover millions more people? Ask why they delayed the employer mandate to cover employees? That was strictly political. They didn’t want higher premiums, massive cancellation, and shorter work weeks to help Republicans in 2014. Obamacare is “pie in the sky liberal make it so policy” that will not lower costs. It will take money from Medicare and spread it to the young poor. It will cover illegal aliens. It will continue to shift costs from the poor to the middle class.

It will not lower our premiums by $1200 just because Obama likes to promise that. Instead of doing healthcare reform in a limited and smart manner, they will create problems for most to cover just a few.

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ObamaCare Bait and Switch

Posted by madjillmom on October 29, 2013

Early this morning, I was finally able to navigate through the website onto the actual offerings for my age, my county, and my state. I wasn’t easy. It really is not a friendly website. You try clicking on lots of different things hoping to get somewhere. So, ten days past the account setup, I was able to go into see what is really available.

A few weeks ago, the Obamacare website put a button on that would allow us to view the policy prices available in the exchange without an account. The “shop and browse” feature looked pretty good. All the prices (39 different options) were under our current rate. I began to think that there might be some options in Obamacare. But I just couldn’t quite believe it. It was strangely comforting to think that if our current insurance goes up because of the minimum care standards that require I at 56 be covered for maternity benefits, there would be a fallback on the exchange. Score one for Obamacare.

But, the “shop and browse” feature was a lie. On that part of the website, all 39 were affordable. But when I actually got into the marketplace, only two options out of 39 were affordable. A comparable policy with comparable deductibles will double our costs. So there is no backup for us. We will have to pay whatever the increase will be. Praying that the increase is affordable, but know that sooner or later it won’t be.

This website is engaging in bait and switch tactics that would be illegal if the local Walmart did it. Obama needs to answer to all the lies used to pass this law into existence. Please remember that no Republicans voted for this law. Please remember that the Republicans have tried and tried to repeal, defund, and delay the law and all it onerous consequences. The law was “designed” to give nearly free healthcare to the poor at the expense of all the middle class. Remember this when you pay more for coverage you do not need.

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Obamacare Sign Up Problems – Part 13??

Posted by madjillmom on October 23, 2013

This morning I went on to check on my account. I was able to get an account last Saturday, 4 days ago. It is still “in progress” and so I cannot see what is available beyond it. There is also some kind of message it says is there concerning marketplace eligibility, but I cannot see it or read it. So I am stuck. Went to chat to see what was going on. Talked with someone called Raven. Is that name made up?

She said that sometimes the pop-up blocker causes issues. Not cookies, but the pop-up blocker. I went and took off the blocker. Why would a computer program want you to disable a security feature. According to eHow, a pop-up blocker is a security measure.

Pop up blockers can help prevent your computer from receiving unwanted spyware or ads that could possibly harm your system. By allowing it to block ads, you can control the type of windows that are allowed to be viewed on your computer. It can help you from clicking on links that could possibly spread a virus, adware or spyware on your computer.

I will try to go back on tomorrow if my computer hasn’t gotten infected with a virus because I took down the pop-up blocker.

When I asked Raven how long it takes to go from “in process” to done, she couldn’t help me and told me to try back every few days to check on it. Great answer. Keep trying. OK.

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Obamacare Website Needed 2 More Years

Posted by madjillmom on October 23, 2013

Kathleen Sebelius told us yesterday that if they had two more years to work on the website, it may have been better. So she wanted five and a half years to make it good. It only took 6 years to build the first continental railroad in the 1860’s.

If you had a great idea, say a new type of revolutionary cell phone to sell, and you took 5 years to build the website to sell it, it would be obsolete before you sold the first one.

Sebelius is a big government solves everything liberal who couldn’t manage a lemonade stand. She better come to the table with updated costs next week. If she weasels on the cost, she should have to pay the difference out of her pocket. Already this is a monstrously expensive roll-out with Steny Hoyer (D) calling for more funds to be dumped into it.

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Obama’s Accountability

Posted by madjillmom on October 22, 2013 is a debacle. An expensive one. Has anyone been held accountable? No.

Benghazi was a terrorist attack and 4 Americans were killed. Has anyone been held accountable? No.

The IRS Tea Party Scandal grows ever closer to the White House. Has anyone been held accountable? No.

Fast and Furious and it’s new cousin, the grenade walker, resulted in many deaths. Anyone held accountable? No.

In all these cases, someone should be held accountable. Obama spent 4 years blaming Bush and Fox News for everything that went wrong. Now, he and his cronies just can’t seem to find anyone to blame on all these major scandals.

In contrast, Seal Team 6 took out Osama Bin Laden. Quickly, Obama is pulled off the golf course, then plays cards with Reggie Love for a couple of hours. Soon, he was taking credit for it from then on. To this day, you would have thought that Obama pulled the trigger.

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More ObamaCare Lies

Posted by madjillmom on October 22, 2013

Yesterday, Pres. Obama finally acknowledged the 800 lb gorilla in the oval office. Of course he called it a chimp. It was called a glitch initially and now it has evolved into a kink. These people are really in denial. They knew is not ready for debut on Oct. 1, but they went ahead with it anyway. They knew a few hundred hits could crash it, but for over two weeks, they blamed it on too much traffic. They lied.

Further, the HHS and the White House are happy to trot our people props and tell us that they are being helped or have purchased on  Also a lie. Most of the prop people he had behind him haven’t been able to purchase health insurance on the website.

Obama pitched the product once again and he did not address the flaws in the law. Like the 30 hour work week debacle. Or that big whopper about keeping your plan or doctor if you like it. All along the way, when problems have arisen, the Obama administration has denied any of the consequences of the law.

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Obamacare Update – Part 12 ???

Posted by madjillmom on October 19, 2013

I have finally been successful in creating an account, I think. I am now waiting, I think, for something that is in process. Not certain what. Last problem was seeing the “marketplace eligibility” notice that says it is finished but won’t pop up.

Meanwhile, more mail comes from my husband’s employer with OMB notices attached. The old insurance offered by the company is changing to another insurer. So we do not know what the replacement will cost at this time. The two mailing from his employer are pretty hard to understand. It seemed that they were saying that they provide insurance coverage that meets the Obamacare minimums. Then it says they are changing companies and the old insurance is being dropped.

Our insurance currently is provided from my husband’s last employer. Because of my husband’s lengthy employment before being laid off almost 2 years ago (by one of Obama’s Job Council members), we have access to the retiree insurance paid out of our pocket. It is a high deductible policy with an HSA attached to it. It works for us, though we don’t know how much more it will cost due to Obamacare minimums. So I must check the exchanges to see if there is anything there.

Two concerns:

Social Security Numbers are optional throughout the process. Is this because they want illegal aliens to sign up? Didn’t they tell us that illegal aliens would not be eligible? I believe every citizen has a Social Security number.

Immediately after you don’t put in your SS number, a screen comes us asking for your racial/ethnic information. They say it is to make healthcare better. How does know your race help in your healthcare. All pre-existing conditions are covered and if you have a disease that is ethnic or racial in origin, it is covered not matter what, so why do they need to know your race/ethnicity. Your doctor may need to know your race/ethnicity if there is a health matter related to it, but the insurance company and the government don’t need that info to sell you insurance.


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ObamaCare Update – Part 11

Posted by madjillmom on October 18, 2013

Tried again to open an account on Obamacare website. No luck. They keep telling me they can’t open my account at this time and further telling me that my security answer have to be totally different. Believe me, they are different.

Reports are saying that Obama is trying to make insurance companies  keep quiet about the huge mess, mess, mess of data that is coming in from the website. This administration promised to be the most transparent ever is being heavy-handed and trying to shut up critics. Or they are trying to keep information from the press.

The denial of problems with Obamacare is becoming quite hilarious. The numbers suck and they can’t or won’t admit it. No one will be held accountable as usual.

Now Sec. Kathleen Sebelius won’t come to Congress and talk about it. She has time to go on late night TV, but not time to go to Congress and explain the situation. The sign-up numbers, the cost overrides, and the accountability must make Obamacare look like the boondoggle it is.

Remember, Republicans tried to stop it, delay it, and repeal it. Dems shoved this law down our throats with promises of a utopian world were everyone gets what they want. Remember who did this.


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