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The IRS and a Very Slow Refund

Posted by madjillmom on May 15, 2013

While the IRS has been busy giving long drawn out anal exams to conservative groups, the refund department is moving quite slowly on one son’s refund. We are at 50+ days. E-filed and accepted two days after another son’s return was e-filed. That refund came in about 20 days. No need in calling until 60 days is past. Someone call Jack Lew and see what is up. By the way, where is Jack Lew? Why haven’t we heard from him on this IRS thing?


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IRS WhistleBlowers

Posted by madjillmom on May 15, 2013

The newly discovered IRS scandal that has been brewing for a few years is now front and center. Speaker John Boehner wants to know who will go to jail. The whistleblower line forms outside the DiGenova & Toensing office in DC. Dem Senators that asked for scrutiny of the Tea Party are now telling us that this is terrible!

Quick, Pres. Obama and Eric Holder, set up another official investigation, subpoena some phone records, and tell the temporarily off-the-reservation MSM that you can’t comment on an ongoing investigation until the heat goes away.


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Obama and the Lies

Posted by madjillmom on May 13, 2013

Today, once again, Pres. Obama comes out and tells us that there is nothing to see here. They have given us all the information and this is only a political witch hunt. In other words, the MSM Reservation gate is open and he would really like it if the reports went back to grazing the Obama supplied grass, PLEASE!

We didn’t gut the talking points. We didn’t take out what they knew and replace it with a bogus and really stupid Mohammed video that we all knew wasn’t at all at fault. We were very reluctant to go with the CIA talking point because we couldn’t be sure of them. So we decided to go with a silly lie we definitely knew was not true instead.  Nothing to see here, get back on the reservation.

Hillary and Obama must be protected. This cannot be unraveled. 2016 is coming.

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IRS, Tea Party Groups and Obamacare

Posted by madjillmom on May 10, 2013

The IRS has admitted to using its immense power against Tea Party and other Conservative groups in the 2012 election. Heads should role. Remember, this will be the agency that will monitor compliance to Obamacare and its thousands of pages of regulations. Connect the dots.

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Sen. Menendez Pays for fun Vacations

Posted by madjillmom on January 31, 2013

Sen. Menendez suddenly decides to pay the eye doctor $60,000 for his vacations to the Dominican Republic on the doctor’s private plane. He took 3 trips, so that is $20,000 per vacation. Gosh, do other New Jersey people get to take that kind of vacations? I can fly from Newark to Dominican Republic for about $700. What is the other $19,300 for? Lodging, massages, under-age hookers, lots of booze, and maybe a little bit of recreational drugs?

If a Senator can spend this kind of funds on a vacation, no wonder we are drowning in debt. How much longer will the MSM not report on this?

Remember, this is the same Senator who had a sexual predator, illegal alien on his office staff.

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Obama Donors – Foreign or Stupid?

Posted by madjillmom on October 9, 2012

The report from the Government Accountability Institute that questions the ongoing investigation into Obama’s on-line donors finds a high number of Obama donors do not have zip codes or do not know that there are at least 5 digits in an American zipcode. Obama just announced a huge haul in September.  How much of that huge amount came from people too stupid to know their own zipcode?  Or is it the more likely explanation – the money came from foreign nationals who are not eligible to donate to American elections. The Obama campaign has suspended security in their credit card verification in favor of paying an amount from each donation to “verify” it on the back-end.  This cost the ’08 campaign 7.5 million rather than using the secure way to accept credit cards which would have cost them nothing. Why go the expensive way?  Probably because they know it won’t be caught on the back side and then they will keep most of the donation. If you want to buy Obama merchandise, you have to give the security code upfront so the campaign doesn’t get ripped off.  But they seem to be good with letting foreign influence buy an election.

The FEC should come down hard on these missing zipcodes.  


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Dream Act Not Just to Buy Votes for Obama

Posted by madjillmom on October 1, 2012

It turns out the Dream Act Fiat by PresBO wasn’t just to buy Hispanic votes for the Nov. election.  After some investigations by Telemundo and Fox, it turns out that Fast and Furious guns were used to kill 16 teenagers in Mexico.  So it is more than just vote-buying, it is humanitarian. If these young people are returned to the home of their birth, the quasi-Americans would probably be shot by a gun provided by Eric Holder, the Attorney General of the United States. These facts are known to Eric “I knew nothing” Holder and the Obama Administration.

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Bain Vs. MF Global

Posted by madjillmom on September 10, 2012

If Bain Capital had done what MF Global did, Romney would be campaigning from a holding cell. Yet, somehow, Jon Corzine and those at MF Global are not being prosecuted for stealing money to cover a really bad bet. It proves it isn’t what you’ve done, it who you campaigned, fundraised, and bundled for. Cronyism is alive and well at the Obama White House and the Department of Justice. The Dems rail against Wall Street greed, but don’t prosecute their friends and fellow Dems.

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All the President’s Men and Women

Posted by madjillmom on September 10, 2012

Obama has Ploufe Problems – Why would a fairly obscure guy receive $100,000 speaking fee (way higher than a normal fee for someone like him) from a telecomm company that does business in Iran only one month before going on the government payroll? Because that is a way to get to Obama.

Valerie Jarrett – PresBO’s closest advisor, the woman who controls access to PresBO, the woman who talked Obama out of going after UBL three times before Panneta and Hillary figured out how to go around her.  She has secret service detail.  Why?

Thomas Donilon – Obama’s National Security Advisor – likely leaker of security stuff that makes Obama look macho – helped plunder Fannie Mae under Franklin Raines, getting a pension from Fannie Mae even though he is only 55 – was a lobbyist for Fannie Mae until 2005, Fannie Mae is being bailed out to the tune of 20 billion, a black hole in our nations government.  His wife is Chief of Staff to Jill Biden and his brother is Counselor to the VP Joe Biden.

Can’t someone at least ask Jay Carney or PresBO about these people that surround Obama? Or are they off-limits like Bill Ayers and Rev. Wright?  The New York Times is bringing some of this us.  So now even the lap-dog reporters have permission to softball a few in.

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US Taxpayer’s Fund Upscale Car Lot in Ukraine

Posted by madjillmom on August 17, 2012

The Daily Caller has a story on this.

Yes, we evidently have so much money that we can lend money to an American Car Dealer to open an upscale car lot in the Ukraine. This is accomplished under a loan program that is supposed to result in some jobs and help for the car manufacturers. We all know the car companies and unemployed need jobs and investment. Unfortunately, the car companies aren’t American and the jobs are in the Ukraine. We are talking $20 million. Oh, did I mention that the guy who gets this loan is a good friend of Joe Biden and has given lots of cash to the Obama/Biden campaigns. Why are we bankrupting our children so the rich in the Ukraine can buy Porsches and Land Rovers?

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