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Obama and Heartburn

Posted by madjillmom on December 7, 2014

I think he is a carrier and not just a sufferer.

So Obama was briefly hospitalized yesterday with symptoms of heartburn. Erring of the side of caution, he was given a CAT scan due to swelling in his throat.

I do want the President taken care of and given all that tests and necessary medical treatments. Normal treatment might be Tums and Rolaids or even some Prilosec or Nexium. They would probably schedule a colonoscopy or other scope down the esophagus in a few days to detect any problems. I definitely remember his physical a few years back and the virtual colonoscopy he was supposed to have had. A virtual colonoscopy would have been far more dignified than the regular one. So in healthcare “overkill” the President has been given a CAT scan.

I have had heartburn for 10 years. Never had a CAT scan. Wouldn’t be covered by my insurance or any Obamacare policy.


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Obama and Hillary are Stupid Lawyers

Posted by madjillmom on July 2, 2014

In the mid 90’s, we were all told how Hillary was the smartest woman in the United States. Since Obama’s election in 2008, many have told us how he is the smartest guy to ever be President. They are both lawyers. We are also constantly reminded that Obama was a law professor Constitutional Lecturer at some college somewhere.

Yet amazingly, they both are evidently too stupid to understand the Hobby Lobby decision. Instead of reading the opinion and telling people what it says, they are both quite happy to run around the country misleading people about what the opinion says. Already Hillary has told us that this means that hyper religious men will keep women from accessing contraceptives.

I understand why they are lying about this. They want to get votes and give out bad information to already low information voters. The same goes for Sandra Fluke, a Georgetown law student. She evidently can’t read or understand either. Maybe Georgetown Law isn’t that great of an institution.

Stop the lies. Stop pandering to women. Women are strong enough to get contraceptives on their own. We aren’t victims. Stop playing the victim card.

Buy your own birth control. It isn’t that expensive.

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Illegal Alien Tsunami Reaching Ft. Sill, OK

Posted by madjillmom on June 10, 2014

Update: Pres. Obama is asking for $2 billion to handle this surge of illegal immigrants. He is also trying to figure out if he can put them under the umbrella of his Dream Act by fiat.

As a military mom, I monitor Face Book activity on the posts and bases my sons are attached to. Yesterday, we received a notice on FB (from Fires Center of Excellence) to tell the community that 1200 children in the unexpected tsunami (Obama created) of illegal aliens (minor children) overwhelming the border are coming to Ft. Sill to be housed where soldiers used to be housed. There is a huge wave of illegal aliens crossing the border that Border Patrol has been instructed to let through. These people have been told that they will not be turned away. This is the consequence of Obama and his Dream Act by fiat as well as other measures, such a less deportation, and less enforcement. It had to happen. Obama put out a big red neon WELCOME sign.  Now we have a humanitarian crisis on our hands. Obama must warehouse these people and will not ever be seen to deny them anything. But this will ultimately defeat immigration reform.

So now, Obama’s actions have produced a new and large burden on us all. These 1200 people must now be housed, clothed, fed, and given medical care. This will cost money. Our money. Lawyers are already being hired by the government to handle these people. More people will be hired to look after them while they are warehoused. A huge system will be put in place. Legal immigration will grind to a halt while all this is handled.

The Border Patrol is babysitting, not able to monitor the border as well due to the wave of children and some mothers. So you can bet so really bad guys are getting in while all this stuff is going on. The Border Patrol agent that leaked the children warehoused like sardines is threatened with loss of his job. Obama can’t keep the lid on this much longer.

People in the Lawton/Ft. Sill area are concerned. What about schooling? Will their school have to accommodate these children?

FEMA and Department of Health and Human Services are in charge of these people. So if a big hurricane does come, I hope the money is there. Remember the Obamacare rollout. These are the people in charge of this wave of humanity. They will be released to family or sponsors. A ticket to stay. More are coming.

Here is the press release from FB page:

Fort Sill to support Federal Interagency mission

Fort Sill –Fort Sill has been identified to support a U.S. federal interagency effort being coordinated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to respond to a recent unexpected influx of unaccompanied children from other countries. Following Joint Base San Antonio and Naval Base Ventura County, the installation becomes the third Department of Defense facility to support this mission.

The children were primarily apprehended by U.S. Customs and Border Protection along the southern U.S. border and are now being cared for by the Department of Health and Human Services’ Administration for Children and Families (ACF). The installation will receive these children in the coming days and they will be under ACF care. Fort Sill’s headquarters are assisted by U.S. Northern Command on how to best support this important interagency mission.

ACF will provide caretakers for between 600-1200 children that will temporarily reside on the installation. The agency will maintain responsibility to ensure the safety, care and treatment of the unaccompanied minors. Fort Sill will provide a vacant facility historically used by Soldiers set apart from main post that offers sleeping quarters, bathing and toilet facilities, as well as multi-purpose gathering space.

The children may arrive as early as this week and will continue to reside under ACF’s care on the installation until the children can be reunited with their families or placed with a sponsor. Fort Sill anticipates supporting the interagency mission for up to four months or as long as directed. The Fires Center of Excellence and Fort Sill does not currently assess that its primary mission of training and deploying Soldiers and Marines will be significantly impacted by this temporary arrangement.

NOTE: Please remember OPSEC. Only what is above is releasable. These are children and that means a different set of rules that many are used to. Fort Sill PAO is able to answer only very limited questions and we are required to defer most questions to DHHS.

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Obamacare Claim – 7 million Sign-ups

Posted by madjillmom on April 1, 2014

In the next few days, Obama will claim that there are 7 million sign-ups for Obamacare. OK, let’s pretend that is true. Once again, I ask, now what happens to those who haven’t signed up? There were 40 million uninsured before Obamacare, so now there are 33 million uninsured (if all that signed up were previously uninsured). What happens when they go to the doctor or the emergency room or fall ill of a devastating disease? Someone please tell me what happens. Will they be turned away from the doctor and hospital? Will they pay a small fine and get insurance (not from the exchange)? Please let me know?

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Obamacare Claim – 6 in 10 Under $100

Posted by madjillmom on April 1, 2014

Yesterday, in the spin to call Obamacare a big success, Jay Carney told the press that 6 in 10 get it for under $100 a day. He meant to say per month. But honestly, how can we believe this? Where is the statistics that bear this out? I do not believe it for one minute.  They can’t tell us who is signing up, whether they were insured prior to this sign-up, or whether they have paid. How can they tell us that 6 in 100 might or might not pay less than $100 per month. Most of the claims about Obamacare from the administration have been outright lies. Why should we believe this?


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Obamacare in My Email

Posted by madjillmom on March 21, 2014

After the Obamacare website was launched, I spent a good deal of time trying to set up an account. It didn’t go well and wasn’t easy, but I finally got to see what was available. After I was able to set up an account, the website told me that there were 39 plans, and all but one was cheaper than our existing plan. Or course, that really wasn’t the case. There were about 39 plans, but all but one was more expensive than our plan and duplicating our plan was double the cost of our existing plan. So I stayed with our current insurance and didn’t go any further. I wonder how much longer our existing insurance will be available and cost-effective thanks to all the rules and regulations of Obamacare.

Now my email is barraged with reminders from Obamacare to sign up. I get almost as much email from Obamacare as I get from Obama’s ever ongoing campaign to collect money to promote Obama’s agenda. I signed up with Organizing for America to know what they are up to. I get about 3 emails a day asking for money. OFA is the biggest beggar in my email. 

I wonder if I am being counted as one of the touted 5 million customers of the wonderful Obamacare.

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More Strange ObamaCare Numbers

Posted by madjillmom on December 17, 2013

At the end of Nov., the Obamacare enrollment numbers were said to be a little over 350,000 for the entire two months of October and November. We have been told that we can’t verify who has actually paid for insurance yet and we cannot get any new numbers until after December is over. Yet strangely, I have received information from Organizing for America, the old Obama Campaign that just won’t go away. On Sunday, they sent me an email that said 1.2 million were on the verge of getting insurance from Obamacare. Then on Monday, they sent another email that told me that 1.2 million have received insurance. Boy, the website must have really been busy overnight. How does 350,000 turn into 1.2 million? Where does the ongoing Obama campaign get that new 1.2 million number? Are they getting numbers before we can get them? Or are they just making them up?

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ObamaCare and the Turkeys

Posted by madjillmom on November 27, 2013

Pres. Obama just pardoned the Thanksgiving turkeys. One was named Obamacare and the other was named Website!

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Problems with Obamacare Site – Installment 10

Posted by madjillmom on October 10, 2013

Ten days in and I still can’t get past the security questions to set up an account to see what is available in the health exchanges. At least now, it just says it couldn’t create the account at this time and to try later. At least it didn’t tell me that I had to have different answers to all the security questions. Great progress, Pres. Obama. Of course, I still don’t know what options are available for me as I await the mail that tells us our health insurance is going up on account of Obamacare.

How wonderful will it be when the Dems get their wish and we have to go on a government website just like this to get an appointment with a doctor (not the ones you go to now) but whoever is available. It will be a lot like going to the VA. What fun that will be!!!

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Obamacare Lies

Posted by madjillmom on October 9, 2013

There have been claims made throughout the entire process of passing Obamacare. Most of those claims are lies. Foolish utterances that never were possible, thrown out to appease the press and the stupid. Remember the one about if you like your plan, you can keep your plan? How about the one about your premiums going down $2500 per year. Possibly the only truth uttered by Dems during the fight was this being the first step toward socialized medicine. How about the lies about there are no taxes in Obamacare that would hit the middle class (those making under $250,000) until they had to go before the Supreme Court and call it a tax.

So now, we have the ongoing saga of lies from Obama and his administration. A few days ago, Kathleen Sebelius told two lies. One was that she didn’t know how many people have actually signed up for Obamacare. She has to know that. Does she think we are stupid? Yes, she does. Then she told us there is no evidence that Obamacare is making employers shift to part-time workers. Once again, she does know that this is a consequence of Obamacare, she just can’t admit it. Everyone knows, but the Obama administration would rather put their collective heads into the sand rather than examine the cause. Jay Carney tells us he doesn’t know how many have signed up. The same with Jack Lew, Treasury Secretary. All lying to our faces. The administration continues to tell us that the problems with are only due to popularity rather than the obvious inept design. They like to tell us that Apple has problems, too. Obamacare is not Apple. No one will get fired because of the disasterous design. At Apple, someone would be packing up their desk and leaving the building under the escort of the guards. The MSM press can’t ignore this too much longer, though they did a good job yesterday during the President’s press conference. When will they be held accountable for lying to us? Never, it worked in Benghazi. When will Obama be forced to tell us his signature achievement passed only by Dems is a big disaster?

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