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Democrats Shut Down Government

Posted by madjillmom on October 1, 2013

The Dems in the Senate shut down Government. They did not negotiate with the Republicans. Obama and Reid say this “Do it our way and then we will talk.” The House sent over several options to keep the bloated government funded and the Dems turned it down every time. All sorts of compromise on the Republican side, none on the side of Dems. This “my way or the highway” mentality of the Dems is standard in the age of Obama. Obama doesn’t know what compromise is. The only way he can govern is by fiat and partisan bills like the Stimulus and Obamacare.

The Republicans will give in. Obama and the Dems will not talk to them or listen to them or compromise with them now or ever. The MSM has their backs. A shutdown hurts the Republicans, so the Dems did it.

Obama “red lines” only work on Republicans, not Putin, not Assad, not Iran, just the Republicans.


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Putin and a Flexible Obama

Posted by madjillmom on August 1, 2013

Remember when Obama told Medvedev that he could be more flexible with Putin after he wins his second term. Putin does and he is watching Obama bend over while Putin puts  on the latex glove by allowing Snowden “a year” of asylum. Meanwhile back at the Kremlin, the Ruskies are cheating on START treaty nuclear stuff. Hillary’s RESET didn’t go so well and Putin makes Obama dance in the spotlight of flexibility.

Obama is so mad he is threatening to cancel his upcoming meeting with Putin. Putin laughs at a weak Obama while he stages fishing photo-ops. Smart diplomacy. Way to go, Obama.

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Ongoing Obama Scandals

Posted by madjillmom on June 15, 2013

Here is an incomplete list of the ongoing scandals surrounding the Obama Administration:

  • Benghazi – who stood down the military, why was Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi, why was there so little security, why wasn’t Hillary interviewed by the “investigation”, why aren’t employees fired, why were employees promoted, talking points and lots of lying, what was the President doing the night Benghazi …
  • IRS – Lie of two rogue agents, FBI slow in investigation, FBI investigating Tea Party, IRS taking firearms training, promotion of people involved in targeting, who wrote the BOLO, IRS 50 million expense on conferences with little or no receipts, who okayed conference spending, Lois Lerner on government supported vacation, IG investigation interview underlings in the presence of supervisors so no ability to talk freely, lying to congress, early knowledge of practice and lies about when it was stopped, coordination with other government agencies investigating Tea Party/Conservative including the FBI that is now having to investigate…
  • Justice Department/Eric Holder – AP records broad reach and lack of notification, lying to Congress about Fast and Furious and the resultant Contempt of Congress, promoting people involved in Fast and Furious, lying to Congress about subpoena on Fox New James Rosen, lying to 3 judges to get records from James Rosen and his parents, not prosecuting the New Black Panther for 2008 voter intimidation, not pursuing voter fraud cases involving disenfranchising white voters…
  • EPA – Lisa Browner using bogus e-mail, awards made to Lisa Browner’s alternate identity by the EPA, favoring environmental groups in FOIA requests while punishing other groups with large charges, EPA warehouse with secret rooms for naps or whatever along with TVs, lack of oversight on such a location
  • Huma Abedin/Mrs. Anthony Weiner, loyal aid to Hillary, given a sweetheart deal to work with the State Department and do outside consulting for big bucks
  • State Department cover-up of misdeeds by Ambassadors and security personnel on the job with pressure to keep information out of reports

I am thinking that there are several other things going on. Let me know if you can think of any others.

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Obama’s Addicted “Recovery”

Posted by madjillmom on February 13, 2013

This current “Obama Recovery” is the weakest recovery after a recession since World War II. If this were a real recovery, we would not be bumping along the bottom with a few indicators up and some down. We would be zooming. Radical Dems and Obama believe that the way to grow the economy is to grow government. His “huge recovery” (as Michele put it during the campaign) is totally dependent on a fix of government spending, investing, and ongoing stimulus. Without that fix, Obama’s fabulous recovery runs out of steam.  His recovery is an addicted recovery.

With the government spending more all the time (cuts are not actual cuts, they are cuts in the rate of growth), the people see little benefit from all the investment/spending that Obama wants. With our debt constantly growing, people feel scared and do not spend. This is what is going on in our household. I look at the government under Obama as a broken, addicted to debt and more taxes, with no good outcome in the future. l

Quit whining and starve the BEAST!!!

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Obama “Rebukes” North Korean Nukes

Posted by madjillmom on February 12, 2013

Obama sent a “rebuke” to NK to object strongly to their continued nuclear testing and missile testing. I’m sure they will listen. Obama needs to remember that he will more than likely live in Hawaii after his Presidency comes to an end. This would be the easiest target for a North Korean nuke.

Leading from behind is really working out for us throughout the world.

We only see a strong Obama when he is taking down the Republican Party. He shows weakness to all our enemies. I wish he would use some of the aggressiveness he uses against Republicans against North Korea, Iran, Putin/Russia, and the Deficit.


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Donald Trumps October Surprise

Posted by madjillmom on October 24, 2012

I am not much of a Trump fan. But, I kinda like this thing he has done today.  He has issued a challenge to pay $5 million to charity of Obama’s choice if he will disclose his college grades and passport information.  The MSM has steadfastly told us Obama is the smartest President ever,  though they seem to have no curiosity about Obama’s grades or course choices. So, now will anyone in the MSM wonder why Obama doesn’t take Trump up on his challenge and help some charity in need? What is there for Obama to lose? Make Trump pay!

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Binders, Big Bird, and Benghazi

Posted by madjillmom on October 20, 2012

The libs in the press are trying to tell us just how terrible it was for Romney to refer to binders full of women. In the same breath, they tell us that bumps in the road that aren’t optimal are really nothing to make a big deal about. Then they scold us for talking about stuff that doesn’t matter. Then they tell us that Benghazi is nothing and Big Bird is everything.  Generally it is so incredible that they demand substance from us, and nothing but frivolous fluff from the President.

Once again, the crazy feminists are seeing slight where there is none. The “women as victims” thing is so old.

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Four Dead on Your Watch is Not OPTIMAL

Posted by madjillmom on October 19, 2012

How callous!  Go on Comedy Central and speak like this.

Four more years of Obama as President is really NOT OPTIMAL!

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In the Middle of a Huge Recovery

Posted by madjillmom on October 16, 2012

Michele Obama comes to us in the last few days with info we need to know.  She is telling us that “we are in the middle of a HUGE RECOVERY”.  Wow.  After 3 “recovery summers” she is now able to say they were wrong before, but it is here now and you should vote for her husband because he is the reason why.  Less than 2% growth, high unemployment, failing solar companies that got government/taxpayer money from coast to coast, yes, thank Obama for a huge recovery.  There may be a recovery in Michele’s eyes, but not in ours.

Michele also wants us to find some knuckleheads and tell them to vote for PresBO.  She already voted for him. Guess someone got to her!

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Self-Evident the Country is Doomed

Posted by madjillmom on September 21, 2012

Jay Carney tells us it is self-evident that the killing of the Ambassador is a terrorist attack.  Here are a few other things that are self-evident.

It is self-evident that Obama is in over his head.

It is self-evident that the leaks about the UBL raid and the Stuxnet virus came from the White House.

It is self-evident that Obama feels income redistribution is a good policy.

It is self-evident that Obama wants women to be totally dependent on government, thus erasing all gains of the last 40 years.

It is self-evident that the Obama Stimulus didn’t work.

It is self-evident that Obama is doubling down on more green energy investments that benefit big fat cat donors.

It is self-evident that Obama is not at all concerned about the $16 trillion in debt.

It is self-evident that Obama wants more people on food stamps.  His administration runs commercials to get more people to sign up.

It is self-evident that Obama thought the sheer force of his being going to make all the world love him.

It is self-evident that Obama has never been asked any real hard questions by the MSM.

It is self-evident that Obama does not believe in the right of free speech as he is now constantly apologizing for this right. He has also tried to censor the stupid little film.

It is self-evident that Obama does not like Israel.

It is self-evident that Obama has only one plan for the economy – TAX THE RICH.

It is self-evident that Obama is an empty chair.

It is self-evident that his Dream Act fiat was done to buy votes.

It is self-evident that Bush/Romney causes all the bad things and Obama didn’t do it.

It is self-evident that if he is re-elected, the Country is doomed.



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