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Obama Says “After I Get My Way, We Can Talk”

Posted by madjillmom on October 8, 2013

Pres. Stompyfoot tells us again the he wants his way. Republicans must give up any leverage they have, reopen the government, increase the debt limit, and then, they can discuss some stuff with the President. While calling Republicans names, he tells us that he will only negotiate after he gets exactly what he wants. He says the Republicans cannot get what they want because Obama won and Romney lost. The President doubles down. He will not negotiate. The Tea Party be damned. He will not back down.

The Republicans have continued to compromise. They wanted defunding and didn’t get it. They wanted delay and didn’t get it. They wanted repeal of the medical device tax, and they didn’t get it. They wanted equal treatment and no special subsidies for congressional staffers, and they didn’t get it.

The President made a whole bunch of analogies about buying houses, burning houses, XBoxs and cars demanded when you pay your mortgage, and something else about buying a house from someone who doesn’t own the house. It was kinda unintelligible. He also said something about missing the party that is thrown for him in the Asia summit he is missing. You know it is all about him.


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Compare Wetumpka Tea Party Lady and Sandra Fluke

Posted by madjillmom on June 5, 2013

Both Becky Gerritson and Sandra Fluke went before Congressional Committees.

Becky Gerritson told the IRS Tea Party scandal House Committee that she has the right to political speech.  She told them the IRS was trying to take away the political speech of people and groups that expressed conservative and small government principles. She told them they better fix it.

Sandra Fluke was brought before a “bogus Healthcare Committee composed of all Democrats” where she whined that she should receive free birth control because she is a woman, a poor student (who just got back from a Spring Break trip to Europe), who just couldn’t afford the $10 a month fee for the Pill. She demanded that a Catholic University subsidize her Pills.

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Obama Whines About Spending

Posted by madjillmom on June 26, 2012

PresBO is whining about spending.  Not the government spending he should be concerned about, but the spending Romney is doing.  He says he will be outspent.  Wow.  I wonder how Hillary and John McCain feel when they hear him cry about being outspent.  What a crybaby!

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Furious Dems playing Fast with the Truth

Posted by madjillmom on June 21, 2012

The Dems are claiming that the Republicans are on a witch hunt and that all the pertinent information about Fast and Furious is already released.  Yes, the diabolical Republicans waited until a few days ago to ask for these documents.  They started this inquiry well over a year ago.  Since that time Holder and the DOJ have given congress bad information/lies that they have had to retract.  I guess the Republicans made Holder lie.  We still do not know who signed off on this operation and why they signed off on this operation?  Who has been disciplined or fired for this? Where is the internal investigation that Holder hides behind?  This is obviously all the Republican’s fault. Nancy Pelosi says it is because Republicans don’t want black people to vote.  What????

There is a smoking gun somewhere and the only way to find it is to turn over the documents.  Someone thought this was a good program and had reasons to run it the way they did?  Who was that and why did they do it.

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Supreme Court vs. Caterpillars

Posted by madjillmom on April 5, 2012

We have a President who evidently doesn’t understand the checks and balances that are built into our form of government by our Constitution.  No big deal.  Let’s all be concerned that the Republicans may have called women “caterpillars”.  Let’s all discuss a war on women that the MSM wants us to think the Republicans are fighting.

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Go It Alone Won’t Work says Obama

Posted by madjillmom on April 3, 2012

Another day, another speech, a new slogan.  Slam the Republican Budget.  Don’t talk about how your budget went down in flames last week.  Talk a lot about responsibility and fairness.  Tell everyone that the Go It Alone way won’t work.  You have to have government.  You must be dependent on government.  Surrender.  Don’t even try.

Never ever ask why those who live on government largesse from the cradle need to get to work.  Just keep asking about why the rich aren’t paying more of the poor’s bills.  Remember, you need government to take money from the rich to give to the poor.

I get awful tired or PresBO lecturing us about fairness.  Will he ever lecture the welfare class?  No, might not get their votes if he did.


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Stimulus Jr.

Posted by madjillmom on September 8, 2011

I am waiting for Pres. Obama to lay out his plan to be re-elected to grow the economy by making jobs appear.  It appears that his best idea is to spend more money, tax the rich, go for some more shovel-ready union employing infrastructure, and cut the military.  Oh wait, I forgot about funding green companies like Solyndra that his campaign donors invest in. He will take pains to tell us that he will pay for all this stuff, but he won’t tell us how.  His grand idea is to let the new super committee come up with lots more cuts or taxes to handle this new Stimulus Jr.

Whatever… I’m sure it will work just as good as the last time.  I am guessing that this plan will really impress the committee at Standard and Poors.  Greece does have a very dynamic economy, doesn’t it?

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Back Door Dream Act Fiat

Posted by madjillmom on August 23, 2011

Pres. Obama and Homeland Security have decided that they will waive deportation for illegal aliens who would qualify for the Dream Act.  This is now law by fiat instituted at the behest of the President circumventing the usual process.  This was not passed by the House or the Senate even when the Dems were in charge of the House and Senate. When the Dream Act was voted on, it lost and did not go to the President for his signature.  The Dems like to say that this will help those who are serving in the Military, not just college students.  But there is already a shortened road to citizenship for serving in the military, so that part is not necessary.  Now, if you are in danger of being deported, all you need do is enroll in a nearby commuter college.  Or have a baby, thus making you the caregiver for a citizen.  Or be related to someone in the military, third cousin, twice removed PFC Gonzalez will do.  Then Janet Napolitano will go over your file and let you stay. Gosh, what a great Country we have here!!

Unintended Consequences of this Generous Back Door Dream Act:

The Higher Education Bubble will bust.

There will be an immigration emergency line at your local community college and you won’t be able to stand in it without your deportation papers.

Because the economy is tight, your child is going to take foundation classes at the local college to save money for the first few years.  There won’t be room for your kid or the classes will be crowded and learning will be reduced.

There will be more births to young illegal aliens.  More babies paid for by the taxpayer.

Muhammed Azir Nazir Nasser Ali Zalawari, Terrorist who hasn’t done anything yet, will quickly enroll at the local Jr. College.  He will get the same treatment as Anna Gomez, a child brought here by her parents when she was 6 months old.  Anna wishes us no harm, but Muhammed does.  Maybe he won’t go to community college, maybe he will join the military so some more of his relatives can come over and claim a relative in the military.

This issue is way more complicated than the poor Hispanic child who was raised here and considers themselves to be an American.  It is way more complicated than the back door Dream Act can address.  Part of the proof of this new program is to see if more of the criminal illegal alien element will be deported.  Or will the gang members just sign up for Jr. College or have babies in order to stay.





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Tea Party Downgrade

Posted by madjillmom on August 9, 2011

The Democrat’s new mantra is that the Tea Party is responsible for the S & P downgrade.  The downgrade was issued because the rate of spending at all levels of government exceeds the rate of growth in the economy. If the Tea Party Caucus had gotten what they wanted, a downgrade would have been much less likely.  The Tea Party Caucus wanted more real cuts in spending, less of a credit extension, and no new taxes.

What would have happened if the President had gotten his first (of ever-changing) wishes – a clean debt ceiling vote?  That would have been a definite downgrade because there would have been no cuts (even the phantom ones that are a part of anything out of DC).  Then Obama wanted a big deal or the so-called balance approach.  There might have been a few more cuts, but Obama wanted  1.2 new taxes for every 1.6 in cuts.  Any taxes would rock the anemic recovery so there would  be a downgrade based on another recession.

Please remember, because there are not supposed to be earmarks in bills anymore, the traditional way to get important legislation through the House and Senate is not available anymore.  Another good thing that doesn’t run up expenses.  However, this makes it much harder to pass legislation.

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Weiner’s Weiner

Posted by madjillmom on June 14, 2011

While the sideshow of Anthony’s weiner was going on this past two weeks, the stock market was having down session after down session, Sheriff Joe and the nasty, demanding Republicans have not come up with a way to fix the economy, and Pres. Obama is yucking it up with GE’s Immelt about the lack of jobs in this country.  Sometimes it really seems that the reality show we call America is really going off the rails, or into the ditch.

My current thoughts re: Weiner are that he is a product of social networking age.  At least Bill Clinton had to actually make the moves in person, not just text about it and take pictures of himself.  You can at least understand the temptations of the flesh.

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