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Gun Control Craziness

Posted by madjillmom on January 10, 2013

Andrew Cuomo is screaming about weapons bans and confiscation. He tells us we do not need ten bullets to kill a deer. It isn’t about killing deer. It hasn’t been about killing deer. After banning so-called “assault rifles”, they will be going after larger capacity clips/magazines.

Let me ask Andrew, Sheriff Joe, and PresBO just what kind of weapons the bad guys have. I would hazard a guess that the gangs of all major cities have high-capacity clips and magazines. Why can’t we have that? After Sandy and the looting, after Katrina, after Chicago everyday without a natural disaster, why would average people not be allowed access to a weapon that could handle multiple threats at the same time. There is no guarantee that only one person will threaten you. In a civil disaster, when you need to protect yourself, you may need more than ten bullets. Once again, it isn’t about Bambi’s mom, it is about a gang of people and threats on your life, liberty, and property.

There is a lot of press about a woman near Atlanta who unloaded a clip on a single man while that man was going through her house. What if this woman shot and killed a gang member. What if three weeks from now, the man’s gang decides to get revenge and the gang goes back to the house?

I do not expect any rational approach to this.  The gun violence in Obama’s home city of Chicago is off the charts and they have restrictive gun laws.  King Obama will waive his royal hand and the edict will be done. No need to worry about the silly Constitution and those other branches of government.


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Free Speech Rights Out – Censorship In

Posted by madjillmom on September 14, 2012

We offend Islamic Extremists. So the Obama Administration outs the movie maker and then goes to Youtube and tries to get the movie pulled because it offends Muslims. This action should offend everyone who loves American and the Constitution. Evidently, the White House and the “Constitutional Law Professor” think that this part of the Constitution isn’t really good enough for the bind Obama finds himself in. Let’s suspend the 1st Amendment, at least for the rest of the campaign. Aren’t all of Obama’s issues somehow related to the election and not for the betterment of America.

“I disagree with what you say, but I defend to the Ambassador’s Death your right to say it, but not when I am in a close election.” Pres. Barack Obama.

Freedom of Speech is not bound by freedom from offense. I was offended by everything that Occupy Wall Street did, but they had the right to express themselves. It offends me when someone who is an American burns the flag, but it is protected by our Constitution. Every movie made in the last few years featuring Will Ferrell offends me. So what.

If I try to censor something, it isn’t a big deal.  Government censorship is a big deal.

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Mohammed Movie and the DOJ

Posted by madjillmom on September 13, 2012

Remember when targets placed on congressional districts were inciting crazy young men to shoot Congresswomen. Yeah, well I guess putting a target on someone’s back is OK with the Justice Department.

The maker of the offending film that no one has seen took pains to be incognito. He knew the reaction it would get. He has a right to make any film he likes. He is in American and is probably and American citizen. So now the Justice Department has decided to out the person behind the film. Why? Haven’t they put a target on this guys back. If he turns up dead, will someone ask Attorney General Holder why this was done? In a country where Southpark is the norm, this film is evidently stunning in its awfulness. But again, this is America. We have freedom of speech, though evidently, the Department of Justice has a problem with this part of the Constitution.

Further, it is my understanding that any depiction of Mohammed is blasphemy. Someone can make a movie of Mohammed curing cancer and picking flowers and it could still result in something like this.

Remember, it’s all Romney fault. The MSM and the Obama Administration want to make this about the movie. They continue to stumble around apologizing for it. It’s not the movie, it the Islamists.

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Eric Holder, Black Preachers and the Catholics

Posted by madjillmom on May 30, 2012

Eric Holder has given black churches instructions to help preserve a new “sacred” right to vote without providing ID.  Will the “Separation of Church and State” whiners appear on TV telling us how this is an illegal cabal of Church and State?  No, probably not.  In fact, the ACLU was also at this conference and didn’t seem to feel this Church/State “marriage” was wrong.  So black churches have been given their marching orders to fight for NO ID voting. Eric Holder  and PresBO like the black churches and their newfound sacred right to vote without ID.

Now, here are the Catholics who want to preserve their religious right to not provide contraceptives at Catholic institutions.  Where is Eric Holder on this “right”?  Fighting to take away this right from Catholic organizations.  Eric Holder and PresBO don’t like Catholic Churches and their long-held religious beliefs.

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Kimberlin Aided by Clueless Judge

Posted by madjillmom on May 30, 2012

It is a travesty that Brett Kimberlin has been aided in lawfare harassment of Aaron Walker on Tuesday, May 29th.  Apparently freedom of speech is not a real issue for the retired judge who evidently has no understanding of the internet.  If one felon can use his jailhouse law degree to have a conservative blogger jailed, we are living in a  place where the Constitution is not a player.  Oh, wait.  Obama is President and the Constitution is pretty much null and void.  I hope someone will help Aaron Walker and all those being harassed by Brett Kimberlin.  I hope further that Brett Kimberlin will be found guilty of perjury and sentenced to serve time for that perjury.  Someone has to put a stop to this.

If Barbra Streisand gives money to Brett Kimberlin and he uses that money to commit a crime, is Barbra an accessory to that crime?  Same for Teresa Heinz Kerry, whose yacht is still in Rhode Island avoiding Massachusett’s taxes.  Same for George Soros.

Fox News touched on the “Swatting” issue today.  No one but bloggers have discussed the Brett Kimberlin issue.

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Back Door Dream Act Fiat

Posted by madjillmom on August 23, 2011

Pres. Obama and Homeland Security have decided that they will waive deportation for illegal aliens who would qualify for the Dream Act.  This is now law by fiat instituted at the behest of the President circumventing the usual process.  This was not passed by the House or the Senate even when the Dems were in charge of the House and Senate. When the Dream Act was voted on, it lost and did not go to the President for his signature.  The Dems like to say that this will help those who are serving in the Military, not just college students.  But there is already a shortened road to citizenship for serving in the military, so that part is not necessary.  Now, if you are in danger of being deported, all you need do is enroll in a nearby commuter college.  Or have a baby, thus making you the caregiver for a citizen.  Or be related to someone in the military, third cousin, twice removed PFC Gonzalez will do.  Then Janet Napolitano will go over your file and let you stay. Gosh, what a great Country we have here!!

Unintended Consequences of this Generous Back Door Dream Act:

The Higher Education Bubble will bust.

There will be an immigration emergency line at your local community college and you won’t be able to stand in it without your deportation papers.

Because the economy is tight, your child is going to take foundation classes at the local college to save money for the first few years.  There won’t be room for your kid or the classes will be crowded and learning will be reduced.

There will be more births to young illegal aliens.  More babies paid for by the taxpayer.

Muhammed Azir Nazir Nasser Ali Zalawari, Terrorist who hasn’t done anything yet, will quickly enroll at the local Jr. College.  He will get the same treatment as Anna Gomez, a child brought here by her parents when she was 6 months old.  Anna wishes us no harm, but Muhammed does.  Maybe he won’t go to community college, maybe he will join the military so some more of his relatives can come over and claim a relative in the military.

This issue is way more complicated than the poor Hispanic child who was raised here and considers themselves to be an American.  It is way more complicated than the back door Dream Act can address.  Part of the proof of this new program is to see if more of the criminal illegal alien element will be deported.  Or will the gang members just sign up for Jr. College or have babies in order to stay.





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Bin Laden Still Dead & Obama Re-Elected

Posted by madjillmom on May 3, 2011

The View hosts, Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, and Barbara Walters have now told us that the killing of Bin Laden will propel Obama to re-election.  In fact, they suggest cancelling the election.  And I was vaguely under the impression that Barbara Walters was at one time a journalist and that the Constitution mandates an election for President.  What was I thinking?

Pres Obama gave the order to kill Bin Laden.

We are $14 trillion in debt as a nation.

Obama told us it was his call to kill Bin Laden.

We will add another $1.5 trillion to our debt this year and for many years to come.

Obama called his security team together to witness the raid in realtime.  He looked very concerned.

Inflation is upon us.  At least 10% in real terms, though never admitted to because gas and food are not figured into the CPI.

Obama’s heart probably skipped a beat when the helicopter went down and they had to shift to Plan B.

Unemployment still hovers around 9% and underemployment is way greater.  We have a mancession and youth unemployment is at all time highs.

Obama gave a thoughtful speech to us Sunday night with a reasonable tone.

Gasoline is still about $4 gallon and going higher this summer and I really can’t afford a Government Motors Volt.

Usama Bin Laden is fish food because Obama is President.

My kids future is much bleaker than I ever thought it would be.

I am very happy that Obama did this thing and that all went well in the mission.  But the country I love is still going to hell in a handbasket.  So fogive me if I don’t chose to re-elect Obama.

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A Way to Tax Reform

Posted by madjillmom on April 6, 2011

Our friend, Rex Beverly, has an idea that would result in tax reform.   I think it is a great idea.  He believes the way to really get to tax reform is an amendment to the Constitution.  Here is his amendment.

In honor of April 15 Tax Day, I humbly offer an amendment to the US Constitution.

Henceforth all US Representatives and Senators (US congressmen) will be required to do their own personal taxes in a pre-designated secure US government building.  Congressmen are forbidden to have accountants, aids, lawyers, family members, computers, cell phones, land line phones, consultants or other assistance of any type at the tax preparation site. Each congressman is allowed during tax preparation only blank paper, pencils, pencil sharpener, erasers, pens, four function calculator, extra batteries and their personal tax documents.  Congressmen may leave the tax preparation site but all materials used in the tax preparation must remain at the site until their taxes are completed and signed.  To reduce the supervision load Congressmen must prepare their taxes in groups with a minimum group size of 5 and a maximum group size of 15.  As a congressman’s time is precious IRS agents will stand at the ready with complete sets of US tax forms and publications.  IRS agents are not permitted to explain any IRS documents or answer questions.  Answers to questions are found in the written IRS publications and directions.  Each group is to be supervised for 100% of their preparation site time by a US Court Justice.  Said supervising Justice must sign each congressman’s return certifying to the best of his/her knowledge that said congressman did all of the tax preparation work at the preparation site and that said congressman followed the letter and spirit of this amendment.

I think we should all forward Rex’s proposed amendment to our Congressional Reps and Senators before Tax Day.  The tax code is more evidence showing how our government is out of control.  I am sending it now.  Cut and paste and make a statement.


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King Obama

Posted by madjillmom on February 23, 2011

When the Founding Fathers put together the basis and structure of our government by writing the Constitution, the called for a government with three separate branches, each with their own roles to play.  For those who vote for Democrats, those branches are the legislative (House and Senate), the judiciary (Supreme Court), and the executive (President).  This system provides for check and balances so no one branch gets too much power.

Today, the Executive Branch, King Obama, and his lefty Attorney General Eric Holder, have announced that they do not like a law passed when Clinton was President.  Holder and King Obama have decided that the law is unconstitutional so the Justice Department will not do prosecute based on this law.  Someone call the Supreme Court and let them know they aren’t needed anymore.  Someone notify the House and Senate that their laws are not to be followed at the whim of the King.

Eric Holder has already shown that his department is not interested in prosecuting the laws equally in the New Black Panther case of voter indimidation.  Now there is another law they intend to ignore.  The Defense of Marriage Act is a state’s rights issue that the King does not agree with.  The King has been hinting at his royal evolution on this matter for a while now.  Perhaps he will come out with a scroll and read a new edict on the matter.

The Constitutional Professor now King has decided that the Constitution isn’t that important.  There need be no 3 branches anymore.

The Constitution is being shredded by our King. Can revolution be far behind?

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