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Obama and Income Inequality

Posted by madjillmom on January 21, 2014

Obama and the Dems are railing about income inequality and hope to ride it to more Dem wins this year. Meanwhile, their policies make the rich richer, the poor more stagnant, and the middle class hurting.

News Flash: Since time began, there has been income inequality. Obama and all his minions cannot change this. In the beginning, the biggest caveman was a better rock thrower and his belly was filled while other lesser cavemen didn’t eat as well. Bigger and smarter took the prize. Stupider and lazier sealed their fate and made little money.

There have been artificial barriers erected. Slavery, race, and a lack of access have certainly been there. But many of these barriers have come down in our country. So now, what is the excuse.

Obama can have an impact on income inequality. His way is to take from the hard working and give it to the “victims” of poverty. The war on poverty has done this for 50 years with little result and 20 trillion of wasted money. He can tell all people but mostly minorities that there is a key to becoming successful. Don’t have children out of wedlock, don’t take drugs, study in school and graduate, speak real English without swearing, don’t take the rent money and buy the latest Nike shoe, take any honest work and give an honest days work in exchange for pay. Climb over barriers. Don’t wait for the government to remove them. There are some other common sense things that can be done. But Obama only wants to talk about giving more handouts to the poor. More government programs won’t help. Reward good behavior and punish bad behavior.

We have lost the War on Poverty even worse than the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.


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Two Senseless Killings

Posted by madjillmom on August 23, 2013

Young and dangerous men kill two people in the last week or so. Three gang members or gang wanna-bees kill an Australian college student in a small town in OK. I have been to Duncan, OK. It is a pleasant little town with a good base of industry and a lovely downtown with some great places to antique shop. It is small town America. My son lives nearby in Lawton, OK. He has told us about the gangs and no go areas in Lawton. OK. Another town that shouldn’t have gangs. My sister, on the eastern side of the state has spoken about gangs in her really rural area.

Two black thugs beat to death an Army veteran who fought in Okinawa and was wounded. He was 89 years old. One of the killers has been caught. This all happened in Spokane, another beautiful town. I don’t know if the killers are part of a gang or not. I do know they didn’t use a gun, they beat the man to death.

An employee of Homeland Security runs a web-site that tells blacks to prepare for the coming race war. He advocates the killing of lots of white people.

Meanwhile, Obama pretends to be riding on a bus advocating the federal government get more involved in making college more affordable. He had to do something after his chic vacay at Martha’s Vineyard.


  • The three killers in OK evidently lived in apartments subsidized by the ever growing welfare state.
  • One of the OK killers tweeted about hating white people and hurting white people after the Trayvon Martin verdict.
  • Cell phone pics and posts on social networking show one of the killers posing with a gun and there were shots of piles of money. How does a kid living in the projects/subsidized housing get access to piles of money?
  • Jesse Jackson scolded the young men and told them this kind of thing is “frowned upon”. Killing is “frowned upon”? He later came out and condemned the killing.
  • Do any of these 5 young men have intact families?
  • The Dems are blaming it on the gun again. We have had access to guns for hundreds of years, but senseless killings like this are a recent phenomenon. How can they blame it on guns?
  • The Dems rarely or never ask about the other stuff at play. Broken families, glorification of violence by video games and music, welfare state empowering of all this stuff, and the lack of moral fiber in these young men.
  • The Dems are blaming this on lack of school funding. I can pretty much tell you that Duncan Schools are funded pretty well. It is the home of Halliburton. Why is it the school’s responsibility to make these horrible young men upstanding community members? Schools are there to babysit and occasionally  teach something to these monsters.
  • Should we prepare for the upcoming race war?
  • If the problem is guns, what about the killing in Spokane?
  • Will Obama speak out about either of these horrible killings? Or maybe he can speak out about all the black on black crime that hurts our Nation all day, every day. He has the ability but apparently not the backbone to do so.

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Illegal Immigrants and Welfare Abuse

Posted by madjillmom on May 31, 2013

Yesterday, Fox News ran a piece on food stamps in Florida. It featured a 50-year-old woman, mother of 5, who came to this country by swimming across the Rio Grande. She has received some kind of assistance for all those 20 years, including some kind of Social Security payment. Why does she receive anything? How will she apply for amnesty is she has spent 20 years on the government dole? I suspect the government will look the other way when she signs up for citizenship.

This is the major problem with immigration reform. I do want something to be done, yet I get real mad when I hear about this type of abuse of the system. Sen. Rubio needs to look in his backyard to see why we don’t need more illegal immigrants gaming the system. If you have spent a great deal of your time here on the government dole, you shouldn’t get the benefits of immigration reform.

This is on top of two other stories in the press regarding Massachusetts giving benefits for dead people in the 2 million dollar range and New Jersey giving prisoners an astonishing amount of benefits they weren’t eligible for.

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Government Assistance Vs. Charity of Old

Posted by madjillmom on May 8, 2013

During my lifetime, charity has become the business of government. Before the “War on Poverty” began in the 60’s under LBJ, before it sucked up 16 trillion in our taxes, it was mostly the community that met the needs of those too down and out to make it. Then the government became the “one stop shop” for all help, permanent and temporary. Thus the shame disappeared.

If you needed help in the past, your neighbors helped and the churches helped. Word got around and help came to you. A hand up. You knew the people who gave you help. So, if you were doing something like drinking excessively, the community knew and the shame might make you stop the bad behavior. The help would dry up if there was no change in your disfunction. Now we send all in need to the government, they fill out some paperwork, and the checks start rolling in. Next they go and get a free Obamaphone they aren’t eligible for. Then they tell their sister to do the same. Whoever processes the paperwork is a faceless entity, providing from cradle to grave. No shame, no real change. 16 trillion that hasn’t worked and won’t ever be enough.

My sister requests that her small, aging church help out oneof the communities needy ones. What she gets back is “the government can help with that”.

If the welfare state worked, we would have reduced the need over time. We haven’t. The “War on Drugs” hasn’t worked and the War on Poverty hasn’t worked.

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Maggie Thatcher and Annette Funicello, RIP

Posted by madjillmom on April 8, 2013

It is a sad day. Maggie Thatcher has died. Haters are hating, and those who loved her are remembering a great woman. The saddest thing I feel about Maggie Thatcher is how quickly all her work was reversed by the massive welfare state that exists in the UK and all of Europe today. She could only stem the tide.

I wonder if she and Annette were standing in line at the Pearly Gates chatting as St. Peter checked on their entry passes. It makes a funny picture in my mind.

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Obama and Sequestration

Posted by madjillmom on February 26, 2013

Obama wants it to hurt. If it doesn’t hurt, you might realize that smaller government isn’t a bad thing. He wants these tiny cuts to come out of the hide of the Republicans. He wants us to eat bad meat, stand in TSA lines, fight our own fires, etc. The less than 2% cuts are going to feel really bad. Libraries will be shut down, parks will be closed, employees will be furloughed. Yet, the US government will spend more this year than last, so there are no real cuts.

The analogy is the 2% cut all working people took at the beginning of this year. All workers saw their paychecks cut by the 2% that goes into Social Security. So now, all our families are dealing with this cut. You could cut out a few of the movies you go to each month. You could not eat out as much. You could use coupons, cancel HBO/Showtime, color your own hair, or mow your own grass. Or you could stop paying your mortgage, house insurance, electricity, and property taxes. This is the way Obama is going about it. The increase in the price of gas is also a great cut to the budgets of every family.

The MSM will let Obama make this ugly. The only group really hurt by sequester will be the military. The military budget has already been cut by 500 billion.

Someone cut Agency Conferences in Las Vegas. Someone cut idiotic Diversity programs and seminars. Someone cut Obamaphones. Someone cut subsidies to electric car battery companies in Belgium. Someone cut the pay of congress, and the entire overpopulated executive branch. Someone might stop hiring people that work in government.

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Obama Threatens Social Security and Military Pay for Politics

Posted by madjillmom on January 14, 2013

It is known that the Obama Administration can pay all Social Security checks and all Military pay even if the debt ceiling is not raised. Yet, today, Obama came out, on schedule to threaten that Social Security checks and Military pay will be delayed.

Will someone in the press actually challenge this? Will they ask if green energy subsidies and Obamaphones be delayed?

Borrow more or I will stop the checks to the old people! Social Security will go out, soldiers will be paid. This is al about scaring the American people. This is all about making the Republicans the evil people who want old people to eat dog food. This is ridiculous.

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Bold Obama

Posted by madjillmom on January 4, 2013

Since his re-election in November, PresBO doesn’t even have to pretend anymore. The MSM aids and abets his every move.  Here is what may go down:

1. He has made the Republicans eat a shit sandwich and will continue to serve up more and more crap and force them down the Republican’s collective throat.

2. His so-called “balanced” bill that is not at all balanced. The bill he just passed was $1 in cuts for every $41 in new taxes. Now that is balance. The CBO says the bill will result in higher deficits.

3.  He will make sure the upcoming downgrade in our bond rating will somehow be blamed on the Republicans.

4. He just gave congress a raise by edict.

5. He will support taking our guns away.

6. He will not cut any government spending or “investment”.

7. He just flew back to Hawaii. His vacay will cost us $7 million.

8. He is going to nominate Chuck Hagel for Sec. of Defense. He doesn’t even have to pretend to like Israel now.

9. The MSM will continue to spin bad job numbers for as long as PresBO is in office. The economy will barely grow or effectively stall,  but the MSM will call it a good recovery.

10. His campaign still asks for money and sends out lots of e-mails. I predict Michele will run.

11. He paid off Hollywood, green energy, and lots of others in the crap sandwich for the fiscal cliff.

12. Michele is making a travel list and we will get a really big bill for her travel. She didn’t go any place glamorous last year because it wouldn’t have looked good while the campaign was going on. Now she and the girls will travel expensively and expansively.

13. There will be no cuts to entitlements.

14. John Kerry/Obama will give Putin whatever he wants.

15. Obama’s EPA will shut down fracking, the only bright light in our economy.

16. Obamaphones will be joined by Obama I-pads, Obama Nikes, and Obama College Degrees. Stupid women will stand in line to get Obama Birth Control Pills.

17. The Military will be neutered.

18. The Democrat controlled Senate will change the fillibuster so some Constitution haters can serve on the Supreme Court. There will be no way to stop them.

19. Our children may never recover from this Bold Obama.

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Tax the Rich – It Won’t Fix Anything

Posted by madjillmom on December 10, 2012

Go ahead. Pass the higher taxes on the rich. It is a victory without truth. Obama wants only to tax the rich. Revenues will not go up. They will go down. Even if the revenue does come in, it will only run the government for less than 10 days. BFD.

Keep kicking the can down the road. Obama knows that this is the easiest and least effective way to get something done. He wants all Republicans to bow down and lick his shoes.

Obama may rue the day he gets this trophy. Because very soon, he will have to cut, cut and cut. A recession  is looming. His anemic recovery needs new drugs to keep going, more wasted stimulus. He will have to cut entitlements. He doesn’t care about the military cuts. He wants a weak America. So later, after a few more downgrades and poor employment numbers, he will have to make cuts. The public who loves taxing the rich won’t like this. He didn’t campaign on cutting anything. He even told Letterman and lots of others that the fix is easy. Just tax the rich.

Meanwhile, his dirty little secret, Obamacare, will start taxing us all. Bend over and grab your ankles, all  of our taxes are going up.


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Obama and Dems want Spending Increases Not Cuts

Posted by madjillmom on November 29, 2012

More and more taxes. No more spending cuts at all. In fact, the Dems want more stimulus because they have votes to buy and cronies to pay off. They want to raise the rates on the so-called rich. They want to tax your tan, your wealth, your carbon, your death, and they won’t let the Republicans slow them down. More stimulus. This roaring recovery can’t limp along without it. The “balanced approach” was a sham.  It is as always with the Dems, tax and spend, tax and spend.

Don’t starve the beast, give it another shot of cocaine. We can only grow if the government grows. Obama has met with his liberal groups (unions, MoveON, etc) several times already. Get prepared for a downgrade. They now don’t even have to act like they care about the debt anymore. Your savings are worth less and less and the government will try to confiscate them sooner rather than later. The welfare state is going to grow and grow. Everyone wants a check from Obama. We will no longer be strong, just a bunch of government junkies waiting for the next fix. We deserve this.

Come January 1, I will  do my best to go John Galt. I will try hard to control my own household because there is now no hope for the USA.

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